87- The complacent body and mind

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87- The complacent body and mind

November 2, 1994


How can I have the complacent body and mind? Besides, what is the complacent body and mind?

Once having had the complacent body and mind, does my heart still have feelings and emotions?

Does the complacent body and mind mean serenity and complacency?

What is serenity? What is complacency? Could spirituality be agitated?

Do external conditions still affect me? Do human beings still affect me? Do I still love this person and hate that person? Do I still fear? Do I still differentiate what is theirs and mine? Do I still regret? Do I still want to hold back time and feelings for people?

Can I create serenity and complacency, or shall they come naturally with spiritual practice?

Do serenity and complacency come from the realization of the principle that things come from emptiness and creation of conditions, and people have to contemplate these conditions to understand and go back to their pristine nature?

When I know the conditions arise from the events, nothing can disturb my conscious mind anymore. Therefore, the moments of coming or going, of having or not having, of losing or keeping are similar, come from the realization, not from the reasoning by general knowledge.

The true bliss is non-bliss, non non-bliss; it is non-agitation non non-agitation. This is perfect vacuity, “Nirvana on earth.” This is truly the body and soul in perpetual bliss.

The mind perceives but does not evade; as the evading mind leads to the cycles of moving and agitating with states of joy, anger, love, and hatred. The non-evading mind will be serene and complacent. The mind should recognize and awaken, should not create conditions to arise. Without creation of conditions means no karmic force, because this attracts external conditions and causes disturbances that in turn would influence the mind, like a chain of never-ending karma.

The mind is serene and immovable, then the body is serene and immovable; the five aggregates do not have condition to create body, word, and thought.

Peace of the mind is not a suppressing peace, but a pure releasing peace, which perceives all movements but not created by any impulsion or repression. Repression, reasoning, and fear are the clues of all creations, which attract six senses, six sense-objects that arise and thrust the body, word, and thought, sow the seed and initiate the karma of deeds. All of these may happen now or later, sometimes during a long period of life, and cause a string of never-ending relations.

Therefore, I have to be wakeful in every minute to prevent delusions of the ignorance; thus, fake serenity and complacency will affect and attack my mind to the point that I shall no longer be able to cope with and release the karma, as the deep-rooted motivations in my mind are covered.

To be serene and complacent, I need to know myself and others, courageously face all predestined causes and karmic obstacles; this is the only way to release karmic obstacles.

Avoidance of all internal or external conditions only result in more karmic obstacles; this is likely to tie up not to loosen, to bind, not to release the mind.

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