111- The new world overflowed with love

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111- The new world overflowed with love

April 14, 2002


How could we neutralize a difficult situation?

How could we not be drawn into a difficult situation?


If we can see, and foresee, there is nothing as a difficult situation. There is nothing as unexpected. Everything is made by our decision. Once we have made the decision about something that we could foresee the “consequence” or the “result,” we are supposed to know how to “deal” with it or “confront” it. By then, we are not surprised by what has happened. When it happens, we should be lucid in our action, and take good control with our conscious intelligence. Once we’ve mastered ourselves, and controlled our ability, we could face the situation from the inside to the outside, the surrounding conditions and people, and to turn them to another direction at our will. Thus, an event that happens at our will, is no longer a difficult situation without a way out, because we know how to deal with it, or to create a situation, therefore, it cannot be a situation without a way out, but the way out is already planned and decided.


When wakefulness is sharp, the mind will constantly stay in the state of absorption in the face of all disturbances in life. We will act naturally, either following others' will or our own will, we are those who take the lead, and control all actions and situations.

When in the state of absorption, fear disappears. Like a coin with two faces, but only one face is up at one time.

Fear only stays when our mind is distracted; six internal organs and five viscera are all entangled. We become uncertain. At this time, we let others and the situation take control and dominate us, or six senses, six sense-objects manipulate our body and soul, since wakefulness is absent.

When wakefulness is present, our breathing is rhythmical, our body and soul are blissful, our eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind are calm, synchronizing with each breath. Our body and soul are complacent, our intelligence is lucid.

Eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind, together with our breath will always be in complete mindfulness. They can “identify” all events that are happening, and intercept them sharply and fully. When they are in the receptive mode to identify, they will help wakefulness to decide how to deal with a situation as if led by “the master,” or “the awakened ego, but not the “ignorant ego” that would act subjectively because of unreasonable moods.

Sharpness and strong feelings at that time will help us to be lucid in every attitude, speech, and action. We talk, we do, and this is we who talk and do, not six sense-objects or the “ego” full of joy, anger, love, and hatred that talks and does. The “ego” at this moment is the “self-determined ego,” which can face both internal and external conditions, all people and things, not that “blind ego” formed by the process of the past from childhood to old age.

This ego is not affected by the past of this life, but by the seeds of previous existences?

The ego of the great absorption is the seed that has been sowed through many previous existences. This ego is called The Buddha nature. This is not the ego of a sentient being of the present life. A true religious practitioner shall be purified to identify and receive this Ego-BuddhaNature.

The Ego of previous existences is the Prajnã Wisdom, which has been learned since uncountable existences until this present life. Those with a mission “reincarnate” to learn the evolution of mankind in each existence, and to gather new facts for the seed of previous existences. The Seed, The Buddha nature, has been receiving those facts from one existence to another existence, to enrich the KNOWLEDGE of the Seed.


Why are there cases that people who do not need to learn but they know, and cases that people need to learn to know?

All those with a mission who come to this world should learn new things, the progress of mankind and the universe to serve this present life, and the people of their present existence. All of them carry special seeds. Each seed has a different role and circumstance, depending on the mission and the situation that they take responsibilities to serve, although all of them belong to the movement of providence. Providence cannot be revealed. The knowledge about previous existences is only exposed at the right time and right place. Everything that happens is dictated by the providence, but not revealed by perceptions and sense organs or personal sentiments.

If those with a mission just act by their perceptions and sense organs, they will make mistakes, and leave the movement and changeability of the providence. Those with responsibilities must know how to accommodate time and space. Whenever there is a need, the veil of the past will raise to expose the requirement of the mission. The veil raised too early may ruin a human life, even put those with mission in peril.

In brief, the knowledge about previous existences is only revealed based on the requirement of the tasks, not to satisfy the inquisitive minds that would lead those with a mission on a wrong path, and even fall out of the sacred trajectory of the Divine Will.


Many Divinities and Buddhas had appeared, but as they knew their pasts too soon, then took the wrong path, let their Ego influenced by six senses, six sense-objects and manipulated the body and soul. Eventually, they became unwise to decide their destiny and their mission. Thus, they walked away from the trajectory of the Divine Will, since they pretended to be the Divine Will.


Their greed, selfishness, and animal instincts now control them. They use the knowledge that the seeds that had accumulated in the past, to entice human beings to serve them and their power. Although they have a mission to serve mankind, they now force mankind to serve them instead.


What has happened indicated that, not all of those with a mission have fulfilled their mission. Any divinity who descends on the earth, - by spiritual practice – recognizes their limits would benefit them more than to know too much about the past and the future. Knowing about the past and the future is more harmful than beneficial. Many of them have failed because they took the wrong path.

Briefly, little knowledge about the past will help us to have the stability of mind to learn and serve the smallest task to the greater responsibility, the rich and the poor people, the uneducated and the intellectual.


Knowledge should always be in the state of Non-Knowledge is True Knowledge. This Knowledge is the everlasting source. It is the creative Knowledge, which is wonderful but difficult to find and learn, as learning can only give knowledge of the consciousness, not the unconsciousness and the super-conscious mind.

The super-conscious mind is the source of universe that we can only receive when we are in the state of integration and union with ONENESS. The more Knowledge we receive, the more creativity will flow like an endless source. As mankind evolves, we will do the same, since they and we are one. Whatever people know, we will know. As the universe transforms, our wisdom will know.

The religious Way is one-way, only going forward, never backward. We should be brave to go forward, do not be intimidated or frightened. As the task comes to us, we execute and learn. All is planned by the High-above, so that we have adequate means and conditions to work. We do not have the right to avoid the situation, since from now on, we are the situation. We have to decide about our life and situation, whether it is easy or difficult. We find it difficult when we frightened. This is hallucination, illusion, caused by fear and prejudice from the past.

Those with a mission have taken the great vows to offer their life, their body and soul to the High-above, they will not be intimidated by difficulties and dangers. With knowledge, a difficult task becomes easy, the bad becomes good, sadness becomes joy. All has the same goal of “serving the people.”


All that happens on the path of implementing the Way comes from the need to learn and to serve the people, not from self-serving interests of ourselves or our families in this present life. Our ego should be completely free mentally and materially. We are the sole masters of ourselves. We have to decide; never let six senses, six sense-objects of this present life make decisions for us.

We are the masters of this present life, and we are simultaneously the self of the Homogeneity of All Beings. In this state, there is no yin and yang, young and old, higher or lower, intellectual or illiterate, but only the small translucent lights and the great translucent light.

From now on, in order to fulfill the mission, we should stay in this STATE. The state of no-sight human forms, but only the genuine spirits that are brilliant or obscure. We will no longer see human beings in various states of human forms and characters, but see them in the state of SAME FORM and SAME STATE.

This is the level of super-conscious mind. We should see ourselves in the same state, and there is no difference between others and us.


- When we are in the state of same form and same state, what will others be?

- They will be in the same state with us, first with each individual, then, each small group, and eventually the mass.

We cannot be in the same state with the mass and blend in with them, if we cannot blend ourselves first to each individual. If we try to avoid an individual, we will not be able to integrate and deal with a larger mass of people.


- How can we be in the State of Absorption at the same time with six senses, six sense-objects?

- As explained above, we can be in the state of absorption when the six senses identify it and pass it on to six sense-objects, and we are present, observe and perceive in the state of “thorough knowing.” When we know thoroughly, we, the subjects will make the decisions, not six sense-objects that will decide. We will make the decisions based on our Buddha Nature, whilst the six sense-objects or human nature makes decisions based on sentiments, desires, or animal instincts.


If we are afraid of an individual or a group of people, how can we deal with a community, a nation, or a larger mass of people?

If we are always in fear and anxiety because of unimportant circumstances, how can we deal with important situations to fulfill our mission of salvation?


We have joy, anger, love, hatred, greed, and illusion, but in turn they help us much in the spiritual practice and the evolution process. Is that true that anything that we know how to use in the right way is more beneficial than harmful to the common tasks?


We should breathe, live, and learn as the beat of the heart, and the work of six internal organs and five viscera. Our wakefulness should constantly be sharp and sensitive to receive and move the trail of thoughts, then unify, and step by step offer a New Ideology that would suit the new generations - the living seeds of humanity in the Superior Era of Divine Ethics - to re-create THE NEW WORLD FULL OF LOVE.

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