129- Education, the intellect & supreme knowledge

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129- Education, the intellect & supreme knowledge

July 1, 2003


What is the difference between education, the intellect, and supreme knowledge?

Education and the intellect use the mind, whilst the supreme knowledge uses the heart.


Education and the intellect can develop and expand even when the mind is agitated, whilst supreme knowledge can only be attained in the state of non-agitation of the mind - or Absorption. To enter Absorption, we should go beyond the actual life to get into the incorporeal world, the non-birth non-extinction world, or the state of indivisibility, and emptiness of mind.


In that world, there is a sublime harmony, a synchronization, full of love, and compassion. In that world, there will no longer be discrimination of races, skin colors, and ideologies. This is a complete openess, a complete detachment, no more self and others, high or low, male or female, young or old, rich or poor, intellectual or uneducated. There will be no more different religions but the unique religion of love.


Those who live in this world and breathe air of this planet earth, but their souls are always in the state of Absorption, or supreme knowledge, they no longer suffer. This is the state of complete deliverance.


How can we be in the state of Absorption, or supreme knowledge?

Our mind should be strong to avoid all influences from the external conditions, or the Mind-Conditions.


The external conditions are education and the intellect of others and us, consisted of customs, cultures, knowledge, schooling, and religions. We learn and know in order to survive; but we should not let all this knowledge to become the chain that binds, suppresses, molds our conscious mind, and changes us into those with many prejudices and assumptions. We change ourselves into the COLOSSAL SAFES which close themselves firmly and do not let anything new or creativity to get inside. We are like those with covered eyes and ears. We can neither see nor hear, and our wisdom does not get the light of creativity, and we may not be able to catch up with movements and changes of all universe, heaven, and earth.

The universe, heaven, and earth are moving and turning, we must move and turn accordingly to receive Novelties. These Novelties will bring light to all sentient beings, and to humanity.


Our mind should be in the state of Absorption, but this Absorption should be in the mighty changes of the universe, since in Absorption, we synchronize with the universe.

Our life force will be extraordinarily powerful, receiving the dynamic universal source of energy. The energy of the universe helps us, but our illuminated mind must wide open to receive it. The wider the illuminated mind opens, the more the energy will enter and overflow as a ever-lasting source.


Even the life on earth is too difficult and hectic; we should firmly hold on to our will power and patience, and keep ourselves always in the state of supreme knowledge to serve the future generations, in the Superior Era of Divine Ethics.

Never be negligent and lingering.

Namo Our Master Buddha Shakyamuni

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