78- LIVING IN THE BARDO (State between life and death)

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78- LIVING IN THE BARDO  (State between life and death)

December 11, 1992


What is living in a non-reaction way?

Do I die or am I alive?

Do I feel or not feel?

What are the unfelt feelings?

What is living between life and death?

What is living in an unreal-real life, or to live in a higher state of knowledge?

What is a complete way of an unselfish being, living with his family and other fellow-beings, which will not cause chaos?


Knowingness let us understand the world.

Knowingness gives feelings, learning, and understanding. It should go together with the ability to let go. Without that ability, we fail to have peace, peace of mind and peace with the world.

Knowingness without letting go will cause reactions and conflicts that create chaos in our mind as in our life.

Knowingness carries the ability of liberating, without forcing and pushing the mind, which can create a happy life in the midst of hubbub.

At the level of knowingness without selfish needs, strength and love will emerge. Strength to detach from the self, the ME that belongs to this earthly world with a physical, mental, and emotional body. This mundane body has gone through all the learning and practicing process so that it can live in this world. In order to live in harmony with this world and the universe, this human being needs to develop real love. Only Real Love gives him compassion, forgiveness, understanding, and all of these will give him the ability to let go.

To let go is the ability to hear, listen, and see without judgment or comparison from what we hear, listen and see with the conditioned-self-data from the past.

Listening with a blank-mind or empty mind gives us the ability to hear, see, and listen with love and compassion that gives us the possibility to really understand.

To reach the level of Real Understanding is living at the same time in the lower world and at a higher Awareness without the hindrance of the lower body.

Only Real Understanding helps us to survive in an unreal-real life.

Real Understanding is to die in your worldly life.


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