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November 6, 1989, 8:15 am


How to differentiate between Desire and Intuition? Moreover, why do I need to ask myself repeatedly?

- You have to ask yourself repeatedly because you do not know yourself well enough yet!

When you need to learn something, there is a force of attraction. Whenever you are against it, the more you are trying to protest it and protect yourself, the more you are attracted to it. The more you hold back yourself, the weaker you become, and then fear appears. That fear gives you the imbalance of your body and mind. You have doubt about the future, worry about what would happen to you; you do not know how to deal with unexpected situations; and of course, you do not know which way to go.

Centralizing your self means establishing the balance of male and female inner energy, in order to keep yourself in balance, so that you cannot be attracted or defeated by other forces. Anyone who has either stronger male or female energy is unbalanced, and can be defeated easily by any force because he or she is not grounded, tranquil, balanced. You can be as strong as the mountain, but at the same time, you can be as moving and flexible as the river.


You cannot be still, strong, flexible if you do not know yourself enough. You cannot be the master of yourself, and keep control in any situation if you do not know others, but in order to know others, you have to know yourself first.

You cannot be still, strong, flexible in the midst of life if you do not keep yourself spiritually separated from the world, and live in a lonely way of life, but live at the same time with others.


To keep you separated and lonely is the only way to be with the Oneness, with the Universe, with the Divine.

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