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April 19, 1991 


Having ABSORPTION is having WISDOM. Absorption and wisdom guide all actions. Once having absorption and wisdom, we will create the circumstances; the circumstances will not create us.

We will make decisions ourselves in the way we want; create all circumstances, conditions, for our works. We will direct public opinion; but we are not led by others’ opinions.



(In Vietnamese, it is called thần thông) Literally,  "thần" means divine or divine spirit; "thông" means thorough or penetrated; together,  "thần thông" means the divine thorough spirit or knowledge. With divine thorough knowledge, when we see what is right and needs to be done, we will use the spiritual force to change people and the circumstances the way we want in order to carry out the task..

Those with supernatural powers have physical bodies like ordinary human beings, but their spirituality is more powerful and illuminated, with great ability and creativity in all things.


The rebuilding of Vietnam is not difficult, but it needs the time frame for  transformation. First, the people's mind should be in line with the divine mind. The divine mind also has human supernatural powers to rebuild the country.

Those with supernatural powers did not receive them from the High-above, but from their own SELF-PRACTICING, SELF-SEEING to achieve the result. To achieve such result, one must serve unselfishly, be self-effacing, and complete self-offering, both body and soul, to humanity and sentient beings.

Once determined to serve sentient beings, we must forget about ourselves completely, to eliminate our personal desires to serve the true collective happiness for the entire humanity.


Those with supernatural powers can protect themselves, as they have already neutralized their own six robbers (six senses) and five aggregates. They are beyond the control of the five elements, and stand outside of the mundane and material world. 

They know and understand people, whilst people cannot know and understand them. They can see and know people, whilst people cannot see and know them. People look at them and see only their physical bodies, whilst they look at people and can see all of their spirituality.


Those with supernatural powers and wisdom are already connected with the High-above. All facts received via their eyes and ears and sense organs are directly transmitted to the High-above - to have guidance and decision for their works.

Those with supernatural powers are the ones who REALIZE THE WAY on this earth.


What are supernatural powers of the Righteous Way, and supernatural powers of the false paths?

As a matter of fact, there are only supernatural powers of the Righteous Way, and no supernatural powers of the false paths. The false paths have only talismans and magic tricks. 

Religious practitioners obtain the supernatural powers from Absorption and Wisdom. Contrarily, talismans and magic tricks of the false paths are results of the practice and abuse of talismans, fetishes, or charms, and black magic with gullible mantras aimed to manage the negative spirits force.

Those who get supernatural powers from religious practice aim to change people to follow the righteous cause, true happiness and bliss. Those who abuse talismans and magic tricks lead people into their personal realm, which eventually does not benefit anyone but themselves.


The Righteous Way remains eternal; whilst the false paths, which still belong to the law of five elements, will be struck down by such laws, as they contradict the Law of heaven and earth.

The law of five elements will make harsh or lenient judgments based on the karma accumulated by those who abuse the talismans and magic tricks. The law of five elements does not spare or select anyone, but it is applied to everyone.

The law of five elements is the law of cause and effect. No one who lives by breathing the air can escape this law.


The false paths use talismans and magic mantras to invite and command the negative spirits force. Once the five elements activate, those negative spirits force will strike back against those who use talismans and magic mantras. This is the karma of those who use talismans and magic tricks to abuse other people. Once the negative spirits force strike back, it is very fierce, dangerous, and difficult to counteract.


Those with supernatural powers have the INNER FORCE, a spiritual power that all negative spirits forces must submissively surrender, as this is the authority of the High-above. Those with talismans and magic tricks do not have the inner force, but only borrow the outer force of the negative spirits force. When the negative spirits force or the outer force strike back, as they do not have the inner force to counteract, their lives will be endangered, and even threatened by death.

Those who use negative spirits force will self-destroy or be destroyed by their own negative spirits force, without the intervention of anyone else.

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