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April 30, 1987 , The national defeat day


Anything that you find right, just do it without hesitation, anxiety, or fear. Since hesitation, anxiety and fear agitate your heart.

When your heart is agitated, it will lead to acts and speeches that only have the purposes of explaining, protecting, and covering our own acts and speeches. All of them will trigger vibrations in others' minds, and turn them uneasy and doubtful. The agitation in the minds of both sides will create lots of imaginations and illusions, then result into discords, conflicts, and sufferings.

When your mind agitates, the outside will agitate.

When your mind is calm, the outside will be calm.

When you have balance, you will be able to create balance around you.

Imbalance will cause conflicts that reveal many problems for you to learn.

What does balance teach you?

Can balance finally lead human beings to happiness and peace?

Yes and no.

Yes for the earthly men who have the aims of seeking for happiness and peace for themselves.

No for the ones who have heartfelt vows of serving the DHARMA and SENTIENT BEINGS.

Men with heartfelt vows to serve the universal concord are always having an incessant urge to look forward to the right way of building a good and happy universal concord, and do not think only about themselves and their own families.

When balance is obtained, you will attain clairvoyance, and begin to see all of the imbalances around you.

The tasks are only initiated from the point of SEEING. If you do not reach this point, no matter how hard you strive, how many means you find, this would only come to nothing, as useless as a blind man who tries to build a house.



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