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June 24, 1989


Mai, you should make a decision to design a blueprint for your life, both your spiritual and material life. Mai's life is completely under your own decision and organization. Around that life, raise a steel fence to protect it against all emotional or physical intrusions.

Mai, you should surround yourself with the light, with the compassion toward others. Compassion to yourself as for others must flow uninterruptedly in the blood, in each cell.


From now on, a circle of light will surround your body. Be quiet and tranquil to listen to yourself. Do not look outside anymore. Learn how to look without like or dislike. Cease completely all judgments. Cut off the past, because the past intoxicates your thoughts and wrongly leads all of your words, attitudes, and actions. Cut it off definitely. To cut it off means to cut all sufferings. From now on, have only yourself and the breath. Only the presence of mindfulness.

Mindfulness will help you to look thousands of miles far away, to hear thousands of miles far away. Mindfulness will allow you to see the past and the future. You should terminate fear. When fear steps in, mindfulness loses its current of energy, which flows frenziedly out of the cycle and cannot cover your whole body to prevent sickness. All comes from your nature.

Sickness ends whenever you can keep the halo of energy around you flow without blockage or being split by six awareness or five aggregates.


Today, you can especially recognize the circle of light from the internal current of energy that encircles the whole body.

When this current of energy flows continually and uninterruptedly, emptiness is constantly present; as the current of energy becomes gradually stronger, and faster, you will turn into a mass of light that will brighten and spread out stronger and further, and bring greater influence to the surroundings.


As the current of energy flows more continuously, the light seems like a renewal. Accordingly, I feel today like a new person.
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