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April 7, 1987, 9:40 am


Learning only from us, from our teachers is unsatisfactory. We break up ourselves; the teachers break us up, yet this is still unsatisfactory, we have to let other people break us up to learn. As long as we still feel obstacles and judgments around us and are still defensive, we do not break through completely. Every work, every action, every implication has its own reason, depending on the situation or circumstance.

All are the mirrors to assess the residues of habits inside us. If we still feel obstacles, this means we are not purified sufficiently. The bad habits and a corrupted way of life is still there. If we want to be a bright mirror, we should clean it thoroughly, get rid of all dust and dirt. We should reach the level of form but non-form, being but non-being, knowing but non-knowing, seeing but non-seeing, hearing but non-hearing. The body and the mind are content and independent. Ego and self-important feelings disappear totally. The same as, all eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind base disappear.

We have to reach total wakefulness so that we can TRULY see, hear, and understand. In a normal state, we only see, hear and understand simply through the sense organs, but do not have the true SIX AWARENESS. If you want to have SIX AWARENESS, you should have EMPTINESS. If you want to have emptiness, you should train your ego with all your force and be true to yourself. Dig into your ego, discover it in all aspects.

When you know your true ego, do not use it any longer, do not act after it, but only look after it, control it to master it, without using it. When we do not use it anymore, but know how to control it, it will let us know about others, with the non-discriminatory notions, no good or bad, no high or low, no stained or pure.


Why do we need to know six awareness?

To understand people.

Understand people for what?

To help people.

Help people for what? By what means?

Understand people, we can find out the way to help them self-transform, self-purify, so that they all would participate in the equilibrium of the universe.

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