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September 25, 1991 


How can we stay outside of the inquisitiveness and attention of people around us?

How can we avoid the impact of their attention and observation?

How can we avoid the impact of their prejudices?

How can we overcome the consciousness of all consciousness?

Is that true that we are still suppressed by the outsiders because our spirituality is not strong enough; we are not self-controlled and still fearful?

What does it mean by spiritual liberation?

Does weariness occur because the spirituality is struggling against outside suppression or against delusion of being observed and suppressed?


Self-confidence should be developed and strengthened; so that we no longer feel observed or suppressed , or allow people to put pressure on us.”

When our conscious mind is strong, our self-confidence and self-control are dynamic; we can terminate all states of “being pressured by others” or “let them pressure us” or “imagine others' pressure” (the auto-suggestion). All of these facts come from the six Delusory consciousness.

Once we have a strong spiritual life, we know all the states of the mind when it is attracted, directed, thrust by the six Delusory consciousness; thus, we can step out of  mundane suppression by people around us or even of our own self.

When we can terminate six Delusory consciousness, our illuminated mind will be very clear, and all actions will be self-directed. Others will no longer suppress us, but we will reversely take control of all surrounding people.

We will not only take control of all surrounding minds, but we may also take control of the super-conscious minds. When we can take control of the super-conscious minds, we will have the force to attract and guide the still unconscious spirituality, and help others to advance on the divine predestined path. At such moments, we would be the divines, and the divines would be us. All three spheres would work together in one same mundane body.

All developments and changes will be under our direction and action, in the harmonized work of our super-conscious mind.

Be constantly learning, peaceful, and complacent. All sicknesses and adversities happen in their own causes of helping us to learn and work in harmony and coordination with the supersonic sounds.

The body should be able to receive supersonic sounds, analyze them and translate them into the worldly language, then disseminate them out for the common works in this world.

We shall always receive all supersonic sounds and channels that come from various higher levels, which are increasingly stronger and more profuse. Therefore, there should be a close harmony and coordination of the three spheres Man, Heaven, and Earth.

Humankind should be able to develop six consciousness and sense organs, but at the same time, they need to be aware of all the sense organs to avoid being directed by six Delusory consciousness.

A human body can be developed in all aspects, but it should only live and work in this present time, and not be affected by the past or the future, or by people around, love or hatred, close or strange.

We should move to reach  this level to advance and achieve the same pace with the providence.

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