101- The natural logic

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101- The natural logic

August 21, 1997 - 9:40 am


How can the Mind and Intelligence work simultaneously?

If the mind and intelligence work simultaneously, sufferings will disappear, as we can skip the process of going from suffering to lucid thinking, then having actions. Even if there are actions, such process causes us to lose the energy, and sometimes be stuck by the decisions previously made only by the Mind without sharp Intelligence.

When the period between the mind and intelligence is prolonged, this will cause delay, stagnation, lack of intelligence and sharpness.

To avoid suffering, to have instantaneous lucidity, the mind and intelligence should integrate and unify to cut off the process of initiating from the mind, having reactions, then intelligence will act to make decisions. Intelligence is delayed because it has to undergo the calculating process. We should replace calculations by illuminations. Calculating is the function of the mundane brain, and this is the root of suffering. The elucidated intelligence is to react and cope in lucidity and sharpness, to see and hear without subjectivity, prejudice, or sentiment.


The mind and intelligence are in harmony only when we live in the NATURAL LOGIC. We react accordingly to what is coming. Having the answer or every question is just as a ball bounces back immediately when it hits something, like our heart. When the ball is thrown strongly, it hits strongly and bounces back strongly. When the ball is thrown gently, it bounces back gently. This is the Natural Logic.


If those with a mission yearn to accomplish their vows, they should have the emptiness of mind - the mind completely void and uninfluenced by the mind full of data from the past, sentiments, and the subjective bias. Too many sentiments only lead to failure, considering the problems incorrectly, making wrong decisions and solutions.


Those with a mission have compassion, but should not be affected by love or hate of the surrounding people. Of course, emotions are unavoidable, but they should not act while they are still influenced by those emotions. Emotions often occur when the eyes and the subjective sensations are influenced by the images from the past. Sometimes, feelings do not come from the events that are happening, but from the association of past facts or relation to the similar events. The action taken at that time may come from the impulse of another situation, of the inner state, but not from external conditions that are happening.


This is a mistake of subjectivity. Those who act on subjectivity is not self-determined, as they do not act with intelligence but with the movement of six awareness.

Therefore, they make one mistake after another, and create the karma for themselves.

We should step out of the weakness of the Mind that is under the influence and the stimulus of six awareness. Only with a peace of mind, the super-knowledge will be illuminated.


As The Prophet said: “The tranquil mind conceives wisdom.” 


If the mind is not stable, intelligence shall be confused, and we will live forever imprisoned in the six senses, six sense-objects.

We have to be in control of our heart, or our mind, to keep it in peace and emptiness, and live beyond the sentiments. The mind should be strong, then intelligence shall be clear, and the actions will be righteous. Try to avoid capricious moods and extremities that would cause intelligence might bounce back and forth, lead to imbalance and inconsideration, then irremediable break-up.

The decisions that change from one extreme to another extreme can only come from capricious persons, who act on their feelings. They make decisions in the state of anger, when their self-importance gets hurt, and they will simply act wrong. Decisions made in such situations are utterly harmful. In the angry or capricious state, we usually lose our intelligence, and do not care about anything that may happen. We can easily recognize this fact, when feelings cause two decisions in two different ways, which move away in two extremities. At this moment, we know that it is wrong, and should calm down to stabilize our mind and intelligence.


Thus, the Mind plays an important role in our life. It affects strongly the destiny of a person. Those who are on the spiritual Way go beyond the changes of the Mind, and live outside of their Destiny, because they are not carried away by the chaos of the unstable human Intelligence, initiated by the Mind.


We should be Active but inactive, Still but unstill, and Active in Stillness, Still in Activeness. Living in the chaos, we shall revolve around it without being agitated. Living in the Stillness, we shall not forget, but be lucid and sharp. This is the way of the Man-Knowing Master.


Namo Avalokiteshvara Mahã-Bodhisattva

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