104- Influence of six supernatural powers

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104- Influence of six supernatural powers

May 14, 1998


From now on, I promise myself to focus my mind on the service of humanity. I shall accept sufferings and sickness. I shall not pray to avoid sufferings and sickness. I shall not pray for myself, for my family, for my relatives, but only pray for humanity.


My own self is now the aggregate of humanity. Humanity is at peace, I am at peace; humanity is in happiness, I am in happiness. The religious Way is my magnetic needle to go forward in order to revive the original truth of the Great Way, the recovery of Righteous Dharma, and the harmony of all religions or races, so that humanity will advance into the great concord of the 21st century, from the year 2000.

The recovery of Righteous Dharma is also the mission of a fragile female person, enduring will power and force of mind, who will wake up humanity, in both atheism and theism. All mutual attacks, hatred, slaughters, are only driving mankind to destruction; instead fair competition can lead mankind to progress, the greatest development of human wisdom in technology as in civilization, and in spirituality as well.

Those with a mission have the invisible protection of the High-above. All of their endurance and humiliation are recognized by the High-above with infinite love.

The providence constantly moves forward and backward, and flexibly adjusts in accordance with the changes of mankind on this earth. No providential way is unchanged. It seems like it is advancing but it is receding, it looks like it is weak but actually strong. The body is sick but spirituality is advancing. With more pains there are more gains, this is the high level of the true spiritual practitioners. The more they are sick and suffering, the more their inner force strengthens, and their wisdom sharpens. They become more intrepid; get better understanding about themselves and others. Fear is only a obstacle against the learning about themselves and others. Too much fear causes loss of self-determination and wisdom. To eliminate fear, strive hard to overcome difficulties. Anything that scares me, I have to confront it to know how difficult it is, and am I really afraid? Alternatively, it is in fact a temporary illusion caused by six awareness, or six awareness of hallucination, and I am under its influence, because I am too afraid.


How can I know that I myself create this delusion and am affected by it?

How can I know that I am under the others' influence?

What are six supernatural powers?

How can I know without the chain effect? How can I not confuse my feelings and sensations as only the others' influence?


All perceptions should come through the six senses, six sense-objects, then affect the Heart. From the heart, they will affect the Mind, and from the mind, they will create Sensations, that lead into Actions.

Any sensation that do not come through the six senses, six sense-objects, is supposed to be received by the current of energy and transmitted into the body to recognize what kind of sensations it is. In this case, when I have the sensation anywhere in my body, the other person may have the same sensation as me; this allows me to detect the state of the other person.

This is the process of the six supernatural powers. The supernatural power is the great sensitiveness caused by the great strength of the inner current of energy, which can evaluate others through our own six senses, six sense-objects.


How can I recognize without being affected?

I am only affected because my inner force, power of the mind and intelligence are still weak.

How can I recognize and stop it right away?


The more I am afraid, the more I am affected. When I strive harder to struggle, to question, to feel hurt, etc., the sensation is received and registered more deeply in my conscious mind, my great consciousness. Then it will come back repeatedly, to strengthen this sensation in me, and create six awareness of hallucination. This is the chain of the registration into the memory; it will increase later with more self-created illusions. As we have more fear, it will register and repeat more often. Finally, the others' sensations will become my own sensations.

Meanwhile, the others' sensations might only be temporary, since they continue the spiritual practice and mind training. Eventually, they can get rid of those sensations, whilst I still have them.


To avoid all influence and agitation of the sharp recognition of six supernatural powers, I should self-release naturally, for the complacency of the body and soul. Any recognition or perception should be seen like a passing cloud, without joy or grief, regret or fear; thus, the registration does not exist. Without existence, there will be no repetition of six awareness of hallucination.


To have the complacent body and soul, I should have emptiness. Emptiness can neutralize all obstacles in everyday life; help me with more lucidity to know about myself and others. The more I know about myself, the more I know about others.

I should be transparent, without attachment, just like the air.

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