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April, 1984

* Still finicky is still blind.

* When believers of a religion stop being finicky, they would see the way to preserve and develop their religion.

* When fellow believers cannot unify themselves, do not try to call for outsiders to unify.

* If we can see the good of our religion but cannot see the good of other religions, such seeing does not actually help us.

 Tao, The Way

Each religion gives you one way
Many religions give you many ways.
If people can find “The Way”
They do not need to follow many ways.
There are so many ways due to the reason that
Many people cannot find the “The Way.”

* There is no way that leads to Tao, since Tao is “The Way.”
* If you want to find Tao, you have to get back to your innermost reality.
* To perform religious works, we should be very patient and self-effacing. Tao will assist us to realize every work, even the hardest, or the unwanted. Tao will help us to dominate our ego to serve others.
* Knowing Tao does not mean knowing the teachings, the books, and the dogmas. Knowing Tao is knowing how to be a human being, to live like a human being, without going against the natural order of heaven and earth.
* Men do harm to each other by turning upside-down all natural orders with their near-sighted laws. God always loves men and protects their true love.
* You cannot know Tao through other people's experiences and feelings. You should have your own experiences and feelings.
* If you want to know Tao, go and find it yourself.
* Sufferings lead to Tao.
* To understand Tao, you do not turn only half the circle, but the whole circle.
* The students of a Great Master will always stay in the darkness if they follow his teachings without understanding.
* True believers who care for Religion usually suffer discrimination and hatred, since they dare to speak out about wrong religious practices of their fellow believers.
* The goal of polishing the name of Tao is wrongfully set, since Tao has its own eternal value.
* People who follow Tao must inspect their own deeds and thoughts, since they might be tainted, but Tao is never tainted.
* Living in universal concord love, we shall always be blissful and happy. Living in selfish love, we shall always be sad and distressed.
* Helping Life when we still do not know thoroughly our own path is only harming Life.
* Helping Tao when we still do not know thoroughly Tao is only harming Tao.
* When our ego is not conquered yet, this means we still do not step into the Way.
* Everybody is walking on the path called Tao, but they should see Tao and act Tao to realize Tao.

* We cannot see Tao by reasoning, but with perceiving.
* Only when we know thoroughly that we do not know Tao, we will really seek for Tao. When we can see Tao, we will know which way is the one to preserve and develop Tao.
* Tao is very simple but very difficult. Since it is simple, people do not know about it yet. Since it is very difficult, people assume that they already knew about it (in teachings, dogmas, books) but actually do not know it yet.
* Tao is very simple but very difficult, therefore knowing but not knowing. If Tao can be expressed by language, this is not Tao.
* To preserve and develop Tao, we should know how to apply the dogmatic rules of our Religious Master into new situations to catch up with the evolution of humanity.
*  If we only understand and know by heart the dogmatic rules, then obstinately hold onto them; though, our Religion may be very good, it would sink into oblivion and disappear wastefully.
* Do not blame others that are blind, because we were also blind.
* If there is someone that patiently brings the light to us, why then, do we not patiently strive to pass on that light to others?
* Since Tao is very simple and at the same time very difficult, sometimes the illiterate has already known Tao but think they have not (lack of self-confidence), while the intellectual has not known Tao yet thinks he already did (over self-confidence).
*When you see that you still do not understand Tao, you are able to get closer to Tao.
* To spread Tao in any period of time, we need to understand well the people of that time.
* Not only wholesome people can understand Tao, but even unwholesome people may also be able to understand Tao, since they ought to deal with their own conscience.
* Tao is very simple but people make it complicated.
* Followers of Tao are not necessarily believers of one religion.
* Many believers of one religion might live their whole life without knowing Tao.
* Tao is being but not being, not being but being.
* Tao is difficult but easy, easy but difficult.
* Tao is simple but not simple, easy to understand but also difficult to understand.
* Tao is Life, but Life is also Tao.
* The believer of one religion who has not yet known about Tao is like a dark house that does not turn on the light.
* Tao is the Way, therefore, not high or low, it is the continuity of the Human Way and the Divine Way to lead human beings to the perfect truth, wholesomeness and beauty.


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