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August 16, 1989


Each time a desire comes, if you go with it and learn from it, it will then open for you a new horizon. If you have fear, you go against it and it will attack you in various ways, causing suffering to you and closing your door to knowledge.

Desires keep you always alive. Tears, smiles, good, or bad feelings, grief, love, and hatred bring satisfaction into your life. You cannot appreciate health without being sick. You do not want to hurt people when you know the feeling of being hurt. You do not want to help people if you have never been held, hugged, and known the good feeling of being loved. You do not love your country so much if you never lost it or have been far apart from it. People never crave for peace without living in war, disaster, hunger, cold and suffering. People waste water because they have never been in drought; they do not pay respect to the food everyday because they have never been in famine. They do not appreciate education because they have never been in a country where illiteracy is severe..

The law of nature is always there with its principles of teaching human beings. This law works with each human being in its multiple causes and effects. It plays a perfect role in each individual life. It is the best teacher of all the teachers in the world. It can teach in different levels of knowledge. It can teach the non-educated as well as the well-educated. It can teach the ignorant as well as the cultivated. It treats people equally. It does not regret to give people good lessons or the best reward because they deserve it.

A good teacher, a good guru should be like thus. He should know the principle of teaching in order to teach his pupils in the right way towards knowledge.

To have knowledge is to live beyond the senses but still know them. Knowledge is neither suffering nor happiness, but rather the knowing of all those stages in order to understand people.

Knowledge helps you live, communicate, and understand people without being affected by their thinking and feeling.

Knowledge gives you peace of mind.

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