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April 10, 1988

Wakefulness and knowledge occur at the same time.

Without wakefulness, there is no knowledge. When we are awakened, we can see. To see does not mean to judge good or bad.

When we are awakened, knowledge is present and helps us see clearly all situations and people, so that we can act and talk appropriately and do not cause trouble.

To act and talk appropriately does not mean deception but Knowledge. Knowledge is the law of the five elements.

The five elements change in thousands of forms and ten thousands of conditions. Whoever does not know the laws of the five elements shall have a disturbed and unrest soul. We should learn how to transmute and adapt multilaterally. The five elements change in every second, we also transmute and adapt in every second.

We cannot  transmute and adapt if we do not keep ourselves always wakeful to know how to do so. Every second that we do not keep on the wakefulness, the curtain of ignorance will drop right away. If we are unable to follow the changing course of the five elements, we will act wrongly without knowing that. The five elements will thrash us immediately.

With wakefulness, with knowledge, with peace of mind, we will be bale to direct the five elements, instead of being directed by the five elements. Our spiritual force will be extremely strong. The five elements will help us in all auspicious conditions when we know, when we “realize.”


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