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May 3, 1997


Those with a mission who come to the world for salvation should undergo the same process. First, they should dwell in the stage of ignorance; next, they move to the stage of waking up to the fact that this place is not their abode; then they step into the spiritual practice and challenge to eventually achieve the wisdom. The pattern gradually moves up to the stage of realizing the true identity. However, if they hold this realization and become too arrogant, or seeing them as too distinctive from others and become aloof, unable to maintain the balance between their two lives, they will face obstacles, become insane or fall into recess.

To keep balance in the worldly life, one should forget their true identity; accept their current personality, life, and the people around them - especially their humble role in this world. Only when they fulfill such a role, should they accomplish the mission. Though the role is ordinary, but when they perform it perfectly, anonymously, their level of progress multiplies, as they can avoid the living crisis. Thanks to it, spirituality is not affected by the chaos of life, instead it has tranquility to develop. Patience is not tested by the divinities or the subjective ego that push us to perform certain tasks.

In spiritual practice, serenity and complacency are the hardest to obtain. They require a great deal of training, practice, test, implementation, overcoming fear toward others and us. Fear embarrasses us to lose our stabilization and determination, to separate us from the true seed, or the real conscious mind, or the Truth of all the sources, and to detach from reality.

As we detach from reality, with ourselves, we will lack the concentration, the self-confidence, and our main current of energy will be oscillating, we can no longer catch the thinking energy of others or the crowd. The interrelationship needs to be connected and built up naturally, and smoothly moves from the “non-existence” to the “existence.”

The lack of self-confidence separates me from myself, and when I am separated from myself, I deny to encounter with myself. I have already met myself, though two but only one. However, why am I still suffering and denying myself?

The reasoning makes me separate with myself; and I strive again to search for myself. The itinerary is long, the path seems already at the end, but why am I still treading, searching, and considering myself as a stranger to be rejected, then, suffering incessantly along with the search.

I should decide to end the itinerary of searching for myself. I should accept the truth, though it is painful. I should accept and embrace the “person” that I have met, because I spend so much time searching for this.

I should accept MYSELF, with courage and clairvoyance. I accept it with serenity.

I accept “the end of mountains and rivers” to get “On The Road.”


Namo Our Master Buddha Shakyamuni
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