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March 3, 1997


When we sit in meditation, this is not the moment of blocking, suppressing the thoughts or erasing the experiences and feelings.

Sitting in meditation is beneficial only when we contemplate things that rarely arise in our everyday life. Such arising is not the action or speech in life, but the cause for this action or speech in the everyday life.

Many people wish to attain the state of nothingness, however, if this state happens subjectively to deceive us, this would only be a hindrance to the spiritual practice process, because we might think that we attain the progress, while actually we do not. It is similar to the case of a man who steps into a movie studio with the scene of Nirvana, and he thinks that he really enters Nirvana, realizes the Way, and becomes any kind of Deity or even Buddha.

When sitting in meditation but surrounded by grief, anger, or irritation, do not chase it away, nor play back the movie, which only increases these feelings. Also, do not reckon right or wrong toward anything or anyone, but just consider our actual feelings and sentiment to find out the cause of conflict between others and us.


To improve our life, we can bring changes to the environment, the situation, or the partners; do not base on the reasoning of right or wrong, but on the real cause of conflict. Once the real cause is discovered, sometimes we do not need to explain, but just change our behavior and attitude, or the atmosphere, and we can initiate the understanding between others and us, working in the same environment.

Running away cannot settle the paradoxes; reasoning cannot make people understand and love us. Sometimes when we try to prove that we are right or smart, this only turn people far away from us.


We can only get the benefits when we find out the cause of the problems. We should be patient to transform our own mind and actions to avoid conflicts and create mutual relationships and good feelings, the sense of harmony between others and us.
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