107- Knowledge without word

18 Tháng Mười Hai 200812:00 SA(Xem: 16884)
107- Knowledge without word

Monday December 29, 1998

4:30 am


Wrongdoings that have happened should be ended, do not let them continue or repeat. If your humble work and attitude could create the karmic effects on others, do not follow this way, because it may harm others, as they still live in ignorance.

Wise people who have the insightful knowledge about heavenly and earthly matters should constantly keep the Righteous Way. They should not, because of personal sentiments, indulge others with their actions and words, as doing this may hinder their own practice and evolution, and they may fall forever in the cycle of samsãra without awakening.

Emptiness does not mean no hearing, no seeing, but in fact, it is hearing and seeing clearly with no-mind. No-mind here does not mean non-ego, but actually ego that is unattached between us and others, between being and non-being.

Emptiness here is the immovable mind. The immovable mind does not mean without sentiment and sensation, but actually, knowing thoroughly the sentiments and sensations. Knowing them thoroughly but not being urged to follow them, just let them move and pass through without urge, suppression, or instigation of transitory acts.

Compassion or altruism of a Bodhisattva does not mean to act as a result of the urge of sentiments and feelings, but constantly act with wisdom to benefit people, instead of acting based on the praise or blame, or others’ desire.

Compassion and clemency do not push us to act based on sentiments of love and hatred. Having love and hatred, means our mind is still stuck in duality. The deeds of a Bodhisattva should go beyond both duality and non-duality to enter emptiness; to reach the level of not reasoning with mundane cleverness, but seeing the cause and effect of each action, which may go against others’ desire, but can actually help them no to fall into the entangled karmic and samsãric laws.

The lighter cause and effect can help them through evolution. The heavier cause and effect will enclose them tightly inside the circle of ignorance, which is like the many cobweb layers, one layer removed, others still entangle. The thicker are the webs of ignorance, the more light-deprived are human beings. Instead of disentangling the webs, as they are ignorant, they may themselves thread more webs of cause and effect to submerge forever in sufferings.


The “Seers” should have courage and strength to overcome all judgments of love and hatred, are determined to embrace thoroughly the chosen Way, beyond all sufferings and challenges. The Bodhisattva only finds the direction once, and makes the vows to advance without receding, even to sacrifice their life.

When we can find the right direction and are determined to follow that path, even if we have to die, we would die with lucidity and wisdom, rather than living forever with ignorance. To die with insightful knowledge, enlightenment, peace, and stability of the mind, we will know where we will go and whom we will meet. To die with a clear direction, we make the decision for our eternality, because this Death is the entrance into the Living Sphere. When we have stability of the mind and enlightenment, we will enter death with peace of mind and no fear, since we no longer differentiate two spheres of form and non-form.

We cannot be in peace without attaining Emptiness. Emptiness can help us transcend time and space. We are no longer restricted in the relationship between the non-form world and us, between human beings and us, between divine beings and us.

Divinities are not limited by a human body; they are no younger, no older. In the state of emptiness, we no longer limit ourselves, but are ourselves perpetually, united and dissolute everlastingly with divinities of all metaphysical or form worlds, being or non-being. All is indivisible. Divinities and us amalgamate, exchange, and reunite.

Exchanges and reunions are uninterrupted and dependent on the continuity of our “emptiness.” The more continuous is our emptiness, the higher and deeper is the insightful knowledge. The higher and deeper insightful knowledge allows us to change gradually from the learning and comprehension of the mundane knowledge to the supreme knowledge that is ultimate and wordless. The ultimate and wordless insightful knowledge is the endlessly vital force of the universe, which moves and changes constantly after the everlasting evolution of mankind and nature. At this point, our physical body is able to receive before the movement of the spheres with a speed faster than light, and we should be enlightened to recognize that fact.

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