109- The Teachings of The Prophet

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109- The Teachings of The Prophet

April 8, 2002


The book “The Teachings of The Prophet” should be written and published to confirm the fact that The Prophet is not absent, through the teachings that He gave to a disciple, who has been accepted to receive His teachings, in her dreams many decades ago.

The book “The Teachings of The Prophet” should be realized as soon as possible, without any delay. This task requires wholehearted execution to prove the continuous presence of The Prophet since then, through dynamic “automatic” writings; this is not illusion or delusion, but the entire reality, as the development of current events. The Prophet is very close, and at the same time very far away.

When the book is published and distributed, His omnipotent divinity will protect the disciple. Do not be afraid and worry. This is the time to spread The Teachings of The Prophet; they are no longer for one disciple, or only the believers of Hoa Hao Buddhism, but for everyone, without distinction of religions or politics. This book will respond to the thirst of learning for the spiritual development of humanity, which is nowadays in disastrous degradation.

The teachings that The Prophet gave to the disciple are no longer personal, but common heritage; this is not to be kept for oneself, but should be spread generously to Families and the People. The Teachings of The Buddha are common heritage; and the Teachings of The Buddha are Unchangeable. The Teachings of The Buddha are the Words of Truth of the Enlightener who wants to kindly share His Enlightenment for the benefits of all sentient beings in the world, during the time of chaos caused by the differences of religions and ideologies.

As long as human beings are not awakened, they will continue to engage in atrocities and killings. There were massacres because of religion, caused by the horrible sins of those who wear religious clothes. Those events eventually wake up the believers of these religions about the mistakes of dogmatic rules put in place to control the followers, instead liberating the people and opening their mind, they manipulate them to become as blind that they would go against the natural order. If any religion goes against the natural order, it will bring disastrous consequences to its own fate.

A true religion should be the one that liberates mankind from desires and illusions, not to suppress their animalistic instincts by dogmatic rules, aimed to serve the privileges of the religion, and to increase the powers of the church. Any religion inclined to increase their power is going on a wrong path. Any church that serves its own interests and powers, or is engaged in political plots for its individuals or groups, will evaporate like water bubbles.


Hoa Hao Buddhism has its goal to lead the people to the truth, goodness, and beauty, to serve all individuals, nations, and humanity. The Hoa Hao Buddhism has a very well-defined path, which is to serve the Four Great Debts of Gratitude. Going against the Four Great Debts of Gratitude is going into the dead-end. Any believer who abuses the prestige of the religion to serve his personal goals or his group’s ambitions will see his life and honour ruined, and will be excommunicated from the community of the Hoa Hao Buddhism. Wrong execution of The Teachings of The Prophet will result in severe failure.

The greater development of the religion requires those with a mission to increase their tasks and engagements, they cannot avoid their responsibilities, though easy or difficult. 

Thanks to the Homogeneity of All Beings, those with the same mission to serve humanity will meet together to serve the same purpose. They will serve the survival of the earth in general, and the compatriots in particular, who have to assemble to realize the common plans that would benefit their own country.

As a result, those who do not know each other will get to know each other; those from different religions will work together as the co-religionists.

When you reach the level of no more distinction between others and us, you will not see as obstacles the difference between communism and nationalism. You will fear neither enemies nor friends. A peaceful mind will help you to have all auspicious ways in your writings as well your actions and speeches, without negative reactions.

Today, the country and the people of Vietnam need to strive for their own survival and development. Those who are obsessed by fame and power inside and outside of the country will be gradually purged, an eventually, there will remain only those who faithfully serve Vietnam. 
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