115- The concurrent practice of the Way in life

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115- The concurrent practice of the Way in life

Saturday, April 20, 2002


How could I convert those who have too many ambitions - about money, power, spiritual strength, believe themselves as Buddha or God?

How can I help them to be enlightened, to wake up, to detach themselves from ambitions?

Am I completely powerless facing these questions since human beings are the most dangerous sentient beings; because the more they learn and know without self-control, the more they become threatening to themselves and everyone around them.

Do I completely fail in my pursuit of waking them up?


Each person on this earth has a life that he/she assumes full responsibility. I cannot carry the heavy load of responsibilities for others. Like others, I am responsible for my own spiritual and material life. I practice and advance myself to reach enlightenment, to liberate myself from a life full of animosity and greed, hatred, delusion, joy, anger, love, to attain deliverance. To deliver myself first from the life that I am now living. To deliver myself from all fetters of spirituality and corporeality. Then, I will share all I have learned with everyone else. That’s all my task is. I do not take care of others' lives. I should end my ambition of saving people and saving life. With the ambition of saving people and saving life, I will end up with self-destruction, blindness, and moreover, delusion of false power. This is a very dangerous path for those who implement the Way.


Implementing the Way is to carry out the Way we found, to spread the Truth, the religious Way that can lead people to the deliverance, so that they can practice and deliver themselves, we do not deliver them instead.

I should immediately end my ambition of saving people and saving life.


I shall only devote myself in spreading the truth and all of what I have learned. Each person who receives that will use it based on their religious faith and level. They may advance fast or slowly; they may go forward or backward, based on their inner mind and situation. Each person chooses himself his own way, I do not choose for them. My duty is to spread the truth, but do not have the ambition to change others’ life or destiny. The most important point in a person who implements the Way is his WHOLESOME MIND, not the Deceitful Mind. My only goal is to help I help them to SEE. When they can see, they will decide how to use that SEEING and KNOWING with their life. They may use that Seeing and Knowing to direct their life or change it, it is up to them. They may also decide not to do anything, it is their decision, I do not decide for them.


- How can I keep my mind peaceful without being worried that the seeing and knowing that I help them to have may cause them sufferings when they know the truth - the upsetting truth that they have not known because it was veiled by happiness and sufferings of the world.

- SEEING and KNOWING is REALIZING. When human beings can attain realization, they would be extremely happy in their spiritual need. But how this realization is implemented in real life, it depends on personal decisions. Some may keep the realization deep down in the spiritual life. Others may implement the Seeing and Knowing in their everyday life, despite the conflicts and changes in the actual life, whether they are happy or not. Those who are suffering may become happy, because with the realization they can step out of the sufferings because of their blindness. There are those who suffer, because they realize the fake happiness they are living, so they will reach for the true and eternal happiness.

I should end my ambition to save people and save life, so that I will progress in my spiritual life. To attain happiness in the Way and in life, or in the concurrent practice of the Way in Life, I should be in the state of the Emptiness of Mind, which means, no boundary and attachment. 




 The concurrent practice of the Way in Life means the Way and life are not in contradiction with each other but they do hand in hand with each other without conflict.

The concurrent practice of the Way in life is the highest level in a human existence, because there are many things that go accordingly with the Way but not in life, and vice versa.

The concurrent practice of the Way in life is the level reached by those who implement the EMPTINESS OF MIND. If this level is not yet attained, those who implement the Way always live in conflict and without an exit. In other words, this is a dead-end.

There are many who are not able to be the concurrent practice of the Way in life, and this affects their religions or churches, as they always live in conflict. Although they follow the discipline and dogma of the churches, but cannot suppress their human instinct.

The Way leads people to deliverance, whilst dogma leads people to suppress their human instinct as well as their spirituality. Instead of making progress in their human instinct and spirituality, they try to suppress it, until they burst into unexpected reactions, caused by human instinct.

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