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 December 6, 1988, 10:20 am


For the two last weeks, I have been living in a new world, a world without feeling of joy or grief, of hate or envy. A world where I no longer live for myself. I realized that I did or did not “want” this or that. Anything came, if it was right, I did it. Whenever I hesitated, wondered, or compared, I felt uneasy and unsafe. My writings were like the teachings of Venerable N.H. However, when I wrote them, I did not have any aim, tendency, or wish, at all. This was enough to confirm that, everything is led by the High above, and it is impossible to resist it, even if you want to.


From now on, all of the works and duties belong to the program, the roadmap of Vo Vi (Non-Being). This program does not come from the human intention, but within the complete decision, organization, and transmutation of the High above, for those passing through the stage of purification, and being chosen to carry out this program, without lapse for research or learning. Those who did not catch up with the evolution will fall into the dilemma of holding on to their ego. This is the right time for people everywhere with the same mission to connect with each other to work together. The messages from the High above will be transmitted gradually and completely received anywhere. This is a handbook for anyone, anywhere to recognize the direction and step forward together without hesitation.

Your duties are to create the connection and harmony among religions and parties, to build the community, to guide the youth and comfort the elderly. Spreading the teachings of The Prophet means to foster love for the Vietnamese people, and peace for the world.

Only the spirit of Hoa Hao (Good Concord) and faithful dedication can improve the separation and discrimination among human beings. Believers of Hoa Hao Buddhism should understand this expression of Prophet Huynh Phu So “I accept to suffer in the people's place.” Do always remember this sentence in every moment or place, to be tolerant, to efface yourself, to sacrifice truly for the Religion, for the Truth, and to realize that your presence on this earth is only for the service of the Light of Truth. When the Light of Truth brightens, human beings and the universe will not be extinct. When human beings know how to self-purify, they will live in peace and bliss, this age is called the Superior Era of Divine Ethics.


December 15, 1988, 8:45 am


Today is the day that I made the decision to have a very happy life for myself, and I shall do anything to attain such a goal.

What should I do to have the life that I want?

First, I need to understand myself and others. I have to know where I am standing (my position). I do not need to create for myself a beautiful image, or to prevent suffering, because a beautiful but artificial image is merely ephemeral.

 I also have to be firm and determined in my standpoints, so that no one can infringe and cause grief and suffering to me. I should keep in mind that grief and suffering, joy and happiness come from my own self. If I did not give chance for suffering to invade, it would not intrude into my soul. When my mind and my spirit are stable, the feelings of others will be transmuted by the five elements. The world moves but unmoved, if only the mind is as steady and strong as the central axis of the universe. 

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