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October 23, 1988


To avoid suffering, do not defy nor want it. To be able not to defy or to desire it, we should not have any thought - even “the one of avoiding suffering.”

All things that frighten and we want to avoid, frequently happen to us. When we are frightened, we lose self-criticism. Once self-criticism is lost, creativity is lost. Once creativity, will power and ability is lost, we shall become weak in front of others' judgments about good and bad, and we might think that our deeds are wrong.

With our self-criticism lost, we can neither find the right direction, nor make decisions about things to do and to avoid; thus, we will become weak. Our weakness will make us give up work, run after others, or be submissive to them. We will suffer from the inferior complex, and dare not to express our opinion or ability. We will undoubtedly follow others. When we do not know exactly about right or wrong, we follow others without being certain about their rightness, only because we think that they are more able than us.

When we serve an individual or a group without being certain of their rightness, we will do it uncaringly, without paying devotion and effort into their service.

With self-criticism, with knowledge of right and wrong, we will accomplish any great or small work successfully, since we devote our willingness, will power, and ability to serve this work or this chosen ideal.

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