17 Tháng Mười Hai 200812:00 SA(Xem: 16216)

May 19, 1988


Those considered as bad by the society might be the true ones. Reversely, those considered as good by everyone might be the false ones, because they only follow the teachings of Confucius or their Religion to become typecast-good men, but they do not understand themselves, as all their true human nature is repressed and hidden deeply.

To have a gentle and stress-free mind, we need to express outwardly our feelings of sadness, anger, love or hatred. If we have questions, let’s ask to release them and create  mutual understanding between individuals. Do not try to cover ourselves as being fake, because we will be burdened by worries.

If the mind has too many worries, sadness and hatred, how can people advance and create?

The best way of creating mutual understanding between individuals is to resolve directly. This is the sincere expression of our thoughts, not the reasoning of gain and loss. Men always use reasoning about right and wrong, in almost every case, just to win or lose. All things solved by reasoning will not bring true understanding, and the problem will never truly cease in the minds of both parties.

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