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March 25, 1987, 8:00 am


This human body is a very subtle mechanism helping me how to act and work. Thanks to it, I can understand people and understand myself. Where I come from and where I should go. With a more tranquil mind, I can understand my human body better. Even when the mind stays still, the mechanism is working more sensitively, and I can understand it better because I am no longer under its influence. It seems like there are two persons in one; actually, there are not two, but one person is I, and the other is my mechanism-body - or the body-mind, or some kind of computer for me to use and recognize. Without it, I would be unable to understand people, because it is the people. If I were not staying inside it, how would I understand people. People are very complicated; they suffer because they cannot in control of  themselves.

Even if I could go beyond happiness and suffering, joy and grief, I still have to live amidst people and in this human body. If I did not have this human body, I would be unable to undertake the duties from divinities. Although I do not hold hatred toward anybody, nor do I think good or bad. My body lets me know about the people and the circumstances around me so that I know what needs to be done or decided, without being affected and drifted away in the stream of life. I have to choose the living conditions for myself and do not let the stream of life lead my path. I do not need to choose difficult circumstances to study anymore, as the past with difficult circumstances could help me to study about my own human body. Now I know how to use it well to show me the way to a place where I can have peace of mind, because any place that may cause troubles to my human body would eventually affect my soul.

In a quiet place, a peaceful mind can have clairvoyance. Fresh and beautiful things can grow up like this flower plant now in front of me. Everyday I meditate with it. Everyday I can see it growing up higher and higher, with thicker and thicker green leaves. How quiet it is. This small plant of lily of the valley has five stems, but only grows four buds; one does not show up yet. The thoughts will come to me by the way of the sutras without word. This sutra without word can come only when the soul is very calm and peaceful. With more clarity, the learning progress is faster and more prolific. The peace of mind will help me no longer get tired with human beings; as well as recognize clearly my roles and my duties of studying and working; so that I can develop and fulfill necessary tasks, avoiding wasting time in talking and performing needless tasks.





April 2, 1987, 9:30 am


The most important issue is to eliminate Desire. Desire turns the mental power obscure and indecisive, disoriented and despaired when they cannot obtain what they want.

Each second is a second of Awareness. The awareness is in breathing, in acting. This is the Wisdom. The wisdom is the Awakening. The awakening will help us to stop - stop thinking, stop acting after such thinking - and only act with awareness in each action. Men can only be illuminated when they stop thinking. This is the moment of Enlightenment. Buddha attained Perfect Enlightenment because He always kept that moment of enlightenment continuously in His living, in His breathing. Whenever the moment of enlightenment is distracted, the thinking will come in immediately. When the thinking occupies the self, people are no longer in control of themselves, but six senses, six sense-objects become their possessors; consequently, people will think, speak and act after six senses, six sense-objects. At this moment, we are not ourselves. We are only people of this mundane world with impregnated seeds throughout of many past lives until this life. We forget where we came from; we forget our relationship with the never-ending source of light from God.

Transmute all disappointments about ourselves into the determination to attain Perfect Enlightenment. Transmute all sorrows and self-reproach into the stepladder that can help us to step up gradually. Laugh with all faults of others and of ourselves, because everything is ephemeral. We are Buddhas-to-be, and others are Buddhas-to-be. In only one ksana, they and we are all human beings; and they and we are all Buddhas. Therefore, sorrow is stupidity. The Nirvana is inside the breathing and inside us.

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