105- Living as if already died

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105- Living as if already died

June 22, 1998


To have wisdom, we should be in a stable mind. A stable mind is the immovable mind, immovable when thoughts change, and we only contemplate without having any desire - the desire of doing and the desire of not doing.

When having the desire, either necessary or unnecessary, this means having a judgment of right or wrong, good or bad. When having a judgment, the mundane cleverness will interfere, and the mind will be obstructed.

With the presence of the mundane cleverness, we will be frightened; and with fear, we will lack the lucidity and the steady mind, and of course, the presence of wisdom.

To be on the right path, we should constantly keep the presence of Wisdom. Wisdom is the light, the torch to light up the way. With wisdom, our mind will be clear, we can act naturally, and the true Love will appear with all of its radiance. This is the natural clear light, the light of God without the difference of religions, races, skin colors, ideologies. And this is the future of mankind, when everybody can live in peace with true love.

Man is always confronted with all kinds of fear. Fear leads to doubt and separation between others and us, the winners and the losers, high and low. Fear creates skepticism, harmful plots, conflicts, and wars.

Religious practitioners try to step out of fear, of the darkness that conceals wisdom and causes us to live in ignorance. Fear, the mundane cleverness with the differentiation of us and them, winning or losing, make us only care about self-protection and always think of delusion, then act wrongly. This can harm others, but harm us much more, as we complicate ourselves and make people around to despise us as unsteady and isolate us. When they isolate us, we will be more fearful and lonely, and loose our composure.


The light of wisdom will leave us forever if we do not stop to reflect on ourselves. The light of wisdom will never come back if we do not have self-reflect and stop self-deception.

In every one’s life, self-reflection is as necessary as breathing. Having the breath is having life. Having self-reflection is having wisdom. Without breath we will die. Without self-reflection, we will live forever in ignorance.

Living in ignorance is like living as if we have already died, as a corpse.


The 28th day of the Fith month, year Mau Dan

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