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October 30, 1996

From now on, I should be determined to end some human characters, such as comparing, reasoning, and judging.

Instead, I should develop Knowledge. Knowledge is the illumination of the mind. With knowledge and illumination, I will see what to do or not to do, even for myself. With knowledge and illumination, I will look at others with love without the differentiation of good or bad. Knowledge is for comprehension and neutralization (if possible). Knowledge is the last stage. Knowledge should not be the beginning of Comment and Judgment, or Disfferentiation of Good or Bad. Especially, I have to stop Comparing.

Comparing to see that I am good and others are bad; I am competent and others incompetent; I am higher and others lower; etc.

If I still compare and judge, I am stepping into a dead world, I am leaving the light of Truth. I cut myself off from the source of Creativity.

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