91- Without intention

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91- Without intention

July 16, 1995


From now on, I have to train my mind for more sharpness and wisdom, so that I could envisage everything and avoid wrongdoings.


How can I avoid wrongdoings?

I should see with exceptional eyes.

I should hear with exceptional ears.

I should understand with exceptional wisdom.

I should perceive with exceptional senses.

I should know with exceptional knowledge.

I should judge with emptiness of mind.


Emptiness of mind is the quiescent mind, which the intellect cannot fathom, but only the insight. The insight does not fathom by comparing, by using the understanding of the past to conceal the sense organs, but just by letting the sense organs to work in nothingness.


In brief, fathoming with the limpid and bright mirror, everything would appear clearly.

From now on, I will not believe or doubt anyone. The most important thing is to keep the mind WITHOUT INTENTION while meeting someone, contacting someone, talking to someone, or doing anything; thus, everything would appear clearly.


The head from now on will have no brain; this means it will not contain all kinds of pondering, deducting, reasoning, calculating, or desire. When I do not have desire, I can see immediately what others desire. When my brain has desire, others can guess what I want, and they will drive me along with their desires (in the direction of my desire).

The emptier my head is, the more lucid my wisdom is to understand others.

When I want too much, other brains around me will increasingly oppose me, because human beings tend to revolt against all oppression and manipulation, such resistance will recede my inner force, weaken my will power, and I will be easily defeated, disappointed, and succumb.

With an emptier brain, I can get easier success and greater influence, as there is no resistance from the other brains (because they do not work under stimulation and reaction) to recede my inner force. Therefore, my words and actions will get better outcome and results.

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