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December 8, 1992


To sublimate does not mean doing nothing, but doing with detachment, because you have to satisfy your body's shelter to survive.

To sublimate means to satisfy your body's needs with knowledge so you know how to handle it in a spiritual level. You know how, when, why and how much it needs to be satisfied and how far we are able to satisfy it so we will not destroy our life.

To sublimate means to do with confidence, self-esteem, strength and knowledge. Knowledge about the self and the causalities, the physical life between men and nature.

To sublimate is to be free from mind and body, to know what to do, and follow or what not to do, and follow.

To sublimate physically, mentally and spiritually is to be reborn in your unreal-real life. You are able to live your life and your unreal-real life at the same time with balance, without suffering, attachment, or regret. You accept your mundane life the way it is and can be happy at anytime even in chaos, disagreements, and conflicts.

You can be still in your mind even confronting all misunderstandings, difficulties, and hardships.

To sublimate is to feel the pain in a painless way, to accept what cannot be accepted or cannot be changed.

To SUBLIMATE means to LIVE and DIE at the same time in the same changeable world.

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