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July 20, 1991


The one who realizes the religious Way shall terminate his personal seclusion: this is the implementing stage. From knowing about the awakening, to carrying it out, and implementing this awakening, there has been a long way with so many difficulties and challenges that the awakened must endeavor and advance.

Once you realized the Way, this is like knowing but not doing. Knowing how to cook does not mean having a prepared meal. Knowing how to build a house does not mean having a house. Knowing how to love people does not mean helping people.

Realizing the Way without implementing the Way will not benefit both the Way and Life.

What does it mean by implementing the Way?

What does it mean by staying in the indivisible state?

How to obtain true love without entering the cycle of sufferings?

How to give love but still stay in the peace of mind to reach the Absorption and the Wisdom?

What does it mean by “the Homogeneity of All Beings”?

How to achieve the level of non-suffering non-happiness, or suffering and happiness is basically the same?

How to overcome extreme lonesomeness?

How to keep mindfulness constantly present in all human contacts?

And how to get everyone to the same state of mindfulness like us?

What really controls our mindfulness and others' mindfulness?



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