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What is peace of mind?

Peace of mind is the non-agitated mind in front of all problems and circumstances.

People with peace of mind should first have a tranquil mind, in a non-agitated state, to attain clairvoyance. With clairvoyance, they will know what to do.

Those who live in the desert or jungle may think that they have peace of mind, but it is not true, because they are not exposed to the circumstances and problems that agitate their mind. Those with true peace of mind, in spite of being exposed to all kinds of difficult circumstances and problems with which they have to deal, still keep their mind tranquil.

How can we keep the mind tranquil while being exposed to all kinds of difficult circumstances and problems with which we must deal?

First, we should have an attitude and a sense of non-opposing or non-avoiding so as not to step out of the problem that needs to be dealt with. On the contrary, we should face the problem, observe it carefully, understand it scrupulously, so that we will bring a solution to the problem.

Why are we against it? Because we think that it preoccupies our mind. The more we avoid it, the more it bothers us. Whatever we try to avoid (it is usually linked to our life) will come to bother and irritate our mind.

Those who understand the meaning of deliverance, but at the same time have to live in real life situations and their implications, what should they do to strike a balance between their physical and spiritual lives?

At first, they should accept their present circumstances as conditions to adapt, so that they can realize their ideal of the universal concord of sentient beings. They should consider that, without the present circumstances, their ideal would not be realized and they would not have the opportunity to accomplish the ideal of Utmost Ego.

Acceptance will not create or override all opposing thoughts that agitate our mind.

Acceptance will change all adversities to advantages, or lessen most of the problems around us.

What is adaptation?

Adaptation does not mean to let ourselves be carried away by the circumstances, but to have an appropriate decision for each situation. If we complain and are irritated when facing a problem, or self-indulge in comfort, we will certainly be in trouble, first in our own mind, then with the outside world and people around us.

Peace of mind means that we are not discouraged by a problem; nor do we rejoice in comfort. A tranquil mind will help to develop creativity and knowledge.

Those with the ideal to serve the universal concord will be able to overcome mundane difficulties. If they only face unchallenged circumstances, their service will not have any meaning, since anyone else can do it without greater determination and willpower.

Do not have any thought that we are tied up or mistreated, which means we still assert a difference between us and others. We should maintain HARMONY. Harmonize our mind and ourselves into humanity. With such a thought, we kindly accept all the people around us and do not see the tasks as too low or too ordinary. When we consider some tasks as too low or too ordinary, we tend to disregard them and not take any action, thinking that they are inappropriate for us. We think that if we have to solve and do something about them, we may be too ordinary.

When we think about HARMONY, we will not see ourselves as higher, or our everyday contacts with the mundane life as lower. When we do not think about higher and lower, we do not resist what we have to do. As a result, our mind will be TRANQUIL. Therefore, on the one hand we do nothing, but our mind is AGITATED; on the other hand we do something, but our mind is TRANQUIL.


Avoidance is also part of our thoughts of fear and anxiety because of our own ego.

Even imaginative fear and anxiety must be ended, because they are a delusion.

As a result, this is an obstacle on the path, which can wear out the willpower and the realization of spiritual vows. We have to end fear. Fear will spoil our accomplishment, since it dissuades us from completing our tasks. Fear will create adversities. Without fear, there will be no adversities. Without fear, there will be no failure. Without fear, there will only be success.

Fear is an obstacle.

Without fear means there is no obstacle.

All wars in this world come from fear, since men do not feel safe. When human beings can feel love and peace, there will be no war.

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