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What can be exchanged in a dialogue?

A dialogue means one person speaks and the other listens, and vice versa. If two people speak at the same time, the conversation becomes a monologue, since both parties simply speak out what that they have already known and thought. They only meet to let out what they want to express. They only give out but do not get anything in return. In this case, a dialogue is a monologue of two people, to let out and not get anything in return. A real dialogue is about having a speaker and a listener, and a giver and a receiver. The conversation is coherent when one person is speaking and the other listening. Two currents of thought can be exchanged and transmitted to pave the way for new thoughts and ideas.

Most people like talking but not listening. We should try to listen to others and to ourselves. We should also listen to our spiritual voices in every second. Every time we listen, our thoughts and habits stop. We can self-correct accordingly to return to the true complacent mind. We will forgive ourselves and others when we suddenly recognize our faults and theirs.

The more we listen to ourselves, the more mistakes we can reduce, and the more we love ourselves and others. We know more about us and about others. Our sincerity and others’ will increase, and of course mistakes and conflicts between us and others will equally decrease.

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