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If we ask ourselves before speaking or taking an action: “For what purpose do we act or say this?” and answer this question sincerely, we clearly see the purpose of such action or speech. If it has a good purpose that will benefit others, we should go and do it. If its intent was to brag or serve ourselves, or to judge others, or to bring them harm, we should not do it. If we minimize our actions and words that harm others, we can avoid bad karma. All bad actions, words, and thoughts will bring bad karma, not only in this life but for many reincarnations as well.

If our mind is empty or complacent, all surrounding situations cannot agitate it. Therefore, we are wise enough to put aside any action or thought that has only been stirred by mental agitation. We have to end such action or thought immediately so that it will not to become real. If we achieve that, we will put an end to karmic deeds, not only from the past but also in the present and future.

The way out for a man is his serene mind, and all situations in life are there for the purpose of religious learning and practice. Religious practitioners do not choose their conditions. On the contrary, devoted religious practitioners do not have the right to choose their situations, because if they do so, this means they try to avoid challenges. As long as we try to avoid challenges we look for an easy way in life, and it does not serve the purpose of implementing the Way. Implementing the Way requires self-sacrifice to serve the religion. A self-sacrificed one never looks for an easy way in life or enjoys wealth and status. He or she will seek out for a difficult task that no one wants to assume, will live in adversity with patience and endurance, in order to serve others.

Those who want to implement the Way or sacrifice themselves for the service of others should live beyond their own and others’ feelings. If they live with their own and others’ feelings they will be influenced by ambition and power, so their way of serving others will take a wrong turn. As their path takes a wrong turn, it eventually leads to a complete failure.

If each of us has a fervent love for Vietnam and really wants to rebuild the future of our nation, we should not think about personal ambition and interest. We need the help of others in order to serve; together we will form what is called a community or organization. Every community or organization should understand that its goal is to serve and build an Independent and Free Vietnam, not the power and interest of the community or organization itself. Each individual should also understand that when he or she joins an organization it is to have a means to build the future of our nation, not for the pursuit of personal ambition in the community or for the purpose of being known and respected. Each individual should understand that he or she is only a drop of water, while an organization is a tiny stream of water that merges with others to become a torrential waterfall to rebuild the nation of Vietnam.

Once we come to realize this clearly, cooperation is no longer a challenge, and we will be able to give faith to the Vietnamese youth to believe in their future.

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