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What is “integration into the divine sphere?”

We and the divine sphere are one.


Thus, are all works related to the earthly sphere at odds with the conduct of the Divine Beings?


The Divine Beings do not make a distinction between levels. They can integrate into any level, from the highest to the lowest. On the contrary, the earthly beings live only in one sphere, and cannot be at a higher level.


The more abundant and complete integration is, the stronger and broader spirituality shall become. We no longer need to use mundane cleverness to cope with life; instead the religious mind changes human beings. Although we live with life, we do not use mundane cleverness, but instead we use the Integrated Mind to reform, mend, and organize all things, all chess pawns and moves, for the benefit of humanity.


Do integrated people need to live in discretion?

There is openness in discretion, and vice versa. Act naturally, and adapt ourselves to the circumstances, according to the rotation of the five elements. Live in duality but also in non-duality. Always live two lives, distinctively. Both Life and the Way should be fulfilled. We live one existence but two lives, in which spirituality and corporeality should be in harmony, without any contradiction. Therefore, One is “not the only one.” Duality and non-duality should be clearly distinguished and integrated in the state of emptiness.


The soul is free but not entirely free, since we have to deal with many issues in this world on a daily basis. We need to face but not cope. To face is to meet all events and circumstances and to use the mind to neutralize them. To cope is to use the mind to deal with, resist, or try to change them, thereby requiring us to deal with difficulties and create karma.


When we meet with troubles and problems, we have to use the mind to neutralize them, without creating karma. Those who sow troubles and problems are actually creating karma for themselves. We will not inadvertently fall into this trap, while they deliberately create the trap for themselves.


Those who use the mind to neutralize the troubles and problems are grounded in mindfulness; no matter how things change, they will act accordingly. They do not think about what is good or bad, or of what is to the advantage or disadvantage of ourselves or our opponents.


The chess game moves on smoothly but dangerously. Since we do not set the trap for others, we will not be trapped. And since we do not want to gain and win, set a trap or be trapped, we cannot be defeated.


This is the Art of the Supra-Transcendent Path.



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