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My life will change when I do not see the differences between myself and others, or those among other human beings. I see myself in others and others in me. In clear and indivisible mindfulness, the integration among human beings is constantly present.

This inner indivisibility can help us to integrate into others’ minds, dissolving all personal discrimination among religions, traditions, rites, cultures, political tendencies, ages, and sexes.

An easy integration facilitates access and communication; it enables us to reach the mind of an individual or of a group of people with whom we interact.

Integration and understanding also help us to break the barriers of language, education, and social status, as well as to increase the confidence of our listeners as we communicate from the heart, not through language and intellect.

When we can connect with the listeners, they, in turn, will connect with us. Integration between the listeners and ourselves will facilitate attraction and concentration, and it will open their minds for easier and faster access.

In order to integrate with everyone, we need to cultivate true love. Such true love will help people reach the stage of indivisibility. We will not love one person or hate another on account of status, appearance, religion, age, education, or race.

This is real concord: in harmony with everyone and with love for everyone. We must be in harmony with our small family in order to be in harmony with our greater family, then our community, our nation, and finally our world.

Peace should reside and develop in each individual, then extend to a greater environment.

All the words, acts, and reactions of the people around us are our own reflection.

When people do not accept us, this is because we do not accept them. They do not open their hearts to us because we close our hearts to them.

All prejudices, principles, and disciplines, judgments of right and wrong or of righteousness and evilness, are the barriers that separate hearts and limit communication. Therefore, there is no understanding among human beings.

Those who do not have understanding from others are less likely to accomplish their mission. We have to rise above ourselves, so that the question “who am I” will get a clear answer: “We are everyone around us, and we and all the people around us are Oneness.”

To be Oneness is necessary to survive and to live in love and peace. Love also implies mutual acceptance, notwithstanding all differences in political opinion, religion, race, skin color, appearance, and intellectual level.

We must accept in order to build. Nothing can be built successfully without the foundation of acceptance and love.

Any attempt to build without acceptance and love is like building a house without a solid foundation. As a result, all the effort invested in building that house will be wasted, even if the structure has been raised, because it will eventually collapse.

The “bottom line” is that any building effort based on acceptance, love, and harmony will be successful.



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