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The learning process for spiritual development has two stages: the passive or submissive stage, and the active stage.

In the first phase, because we do not know enough, we often learn through our emotions and feelings, within the family, society, nation, and traditions of other cultures. All this knowledge is stored in a sophisticated machine to control us. We, as human beings, can have a deep level of knowledge, but it is very limited in comparison with the KNOWLEDGE in the macro universe. The KNOWLEDGE in the macro universe resides in the incessant and boundless changes that mankind cannot catch, if we are confined by the limits of the narrow mundane cleverness.

As long as we are confined by the limits of narrow mundane cleverness, we are just passive people who comply with the acquired knowledge of the mundane cleverness. We are only automated machines – we are submissive human beings. Our life is distracted by external conditions. Our mind cannot guide the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind-base, and they will control us.

When we no longer let our body and the sense organs control us, we will step into the active stage. We can influence others and external conditions. We know exactly what to do, and we judge our own actions.

In order for us to stay active, our wakefulness should be strong; our sense organs and feelings should be constantly sharp to anticipate what is going to happen, so that we can take appropriate actions and decisions.

In this stage, we always step forward in the light that is no longer obscure, unclear, or vacillating. Being sharp in wakefulness will help us to thread our way along with the changes in mankind, as well in the universe, and with the providence that evolves in every moment.

When we have entered the active way we always have peace and composure. As fear fades away our faith will reach completion, to stop revolving and wondering, instead only receiving (through the sharp mind) and acting.

We are no longer restrained by questions and answers. We do not go from one point to another, but will be integrated among the higher and the lower, the inside and the outside. There is no one who inquires or responds, but the inquirer is also the responder. The inquirer is also the one who receives the blessing to be neutral on all questions.

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