22 Tháng Năm 201212:00 SA(Xem: 13637)

The most recent lesson I must confront is how to stay above liking and disliking, above hatred, above desire and non-desire. If something happens, if we encounter something that must be done, we should just do it. We should not hold back or let loose. We need complete emptiness of mind to do this. We must also stay beyond the ego in order not to see what we are doing as for our own happiness, suffering, or sacrifice.

We should be detached from corporeality and spirituality, since any attachment makes us feel we still have to sacrifice for others. If we continue to think about the sacrifice we remain in a posture of granting favors to others, and so our sacrifice is not complete.

We should see that everything we do is to bring happiness to us as well as to others. We should also consider that others and ourselves are united in one indivisible entity. The complete sacrifice is not about the giver and the receiver; rather, each is at once giver and receiver. All works should be regarded as if we are doing them for ourselves; thus, all tiredness, boredom, and difficulties will be erased. The question, “For whom are we working?” will be thoroughly and clearly answered.

Those who can understand the complete sacrifice, and who are willing to step forward to achieve their vows, will feel unburdened in the face of all challenges, successes, or failures. Without the feeling of being abused or oppressed, flattered or privileged, our behavior will be more natural and confident. If our work is not influenced by external conditions, we can act with confidence to achieve the intended goal. We will work not for the short term but for the long term, to reach better and greater results toward a pre-eminent goal for future generations.


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