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Meditation is when we are constantly in the state of quietness, liveliness, sensitiveness, sharpness, and attentiveness. We are able to recognize and analyze the feeling of this PRESENT moment, and we are not affected by the prejudices of the past or by illusions about the future.

In the state of MEDITATION, our mind is serene and calm. Thanks to this, we are able to recognize the feeling and sensation of every sense organ in the present, and to detect the feeling and sensation of the person in front of us.

At the same time, we are unable to tell the difference between feelings and sensations of the sense organ in the present and those of the past and the future. Likewise, we cannot know our own feeling and sensation, not even from those who can affect us, if we do not constantly live in the state of swiftness and sharpness.

With peace of mind, lucidity, and clear distinction, we will not deceive ourselves by making mistakes in our relation and interaction with others.

What to avoid when we meditate

We should try not to be infatuated with meditation and not to fall asleep while we meditate. We should not be mistaken that meditation is about a blank mind, so that we do not think or act. This causes us to drop all tasks and responsibilities to ourselves, our family, society, and country.

Instead of using meditation as a means, like a boat that can take us to the other side of enlightenment, we must think of meditation as a goal to reach; thus, we just sit in one place and hold tight to the boat, rowing it around and around, without ever reaching the other side of the river.

In life, we have to realize which is the means and which is the end, so that after using the means to reach the end, we know how to discharge it without regret and MOVE FORWARD on the path.

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