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What does the concurrent practice of the Way in life mean?

How can we find equilibrium in our life?

To find equilibrium in life, we have to live in both aspects: life and the Way. In reality, we cannot forget our material life to devote ourselves completely to our spiritual life; and vice versa we cannot only care about our material life and forget the spiritual life.

Some lose equilibrium in their lives because of lack of moral basis; thus, when their living conditions suddenly change from poverty and deprivation to comfort and luxury, they become infatuated with material life and only think about getting as much pleasure as possible. On the other hand, some only incline toward morality and virtues. When they see that material life leads their fellow-countrymen into avidity, selfishness, and greed, they become weary and disappointed, lose their faith and withdraw themselves into isolation, close their eyes in the face of a society that disappoints them. Those who are in despair turn to worship spirits and sink into superstitions.

Thus, to avoid both of these situations, we should not disregard either material or spiritual life but should consider them as equally important. To avoid internal conflicts that may cause imbalance in life, we should first accept the present. We cannot have a peaceful life if our mind always dreams of unreal things and continuously refuses to accept what we actually have. We will be tormented and suffer because we live in an unreal world.

So, what do we accept while accepting the present?

Accepting the present reality is to accept the present environment and our present conditions, to live the real moment with the people around us, beginning with our family members. Once we accept the present, we can accept the change from bad to good, at least in regard to those around us.

If we do not accept our actual circumstances, this will separate us from the present. Instead of trying to build and develop what we have as real, we live only with illusions.

What should we do to avoid these predicaments?

To avoid them, each individual should be wakeful, to observe himself or herself thoroughly to see what he or she is living, doing, seeing, hearing. Each individual should be his or her own leader, to know what to do in order to achieve balance in this present life, in both aspects: life and the Way.

One we know how to lead ourselves, we will see who can be our true leader.

*To choose the Leader

Why, when we know how to lead ourselves, will we see who can be our true leader?

Before we can lead ourselves, we will go through the cycles of self-discovery; this means we need to reconsider our real values, levels, and capabilities.

Once we can see our true self, we can see others’ true-self. Once we do not cheat ourselves, no one can cheat us. No one can use the false auras, such as money, position, diploma, fame, and power, to cover our eyes. On the contrary, we can then see the real leader, the true genius, even if this person does not have fame, position, diploma, money.

Once we discover our true voice, we may hear others’ true voice. At that moment we no longer make mistakes.

Who should a true leader be?

A true leader should be, above all, self-effacing, and should only think about common interests for everyone, for the people. Being self-effacing alone is not enough, but he needs to be wise in order to have a far-reaching and broad view, a rounded view for the everlasting future of the nation. That future should be in accordance with the people and with the Divine will.

The nation’s everlasting survival should imperatively be built on patriotic love. Hatred and slaughter only lead the nation to destruction.

So as to foster patriotic love, all should understand: What kind of blood circulates in their body? What language do they speak? What land is their homeland? What color is their skin? The bottom line is they need to know what their Source is.

Ask yourself the question and look for the answer to know what you need to do in order to preserve your source, and how to love and embrace those who share the same source with you.

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