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If you want truly to PRACTICE and PROGRESS, you must reckon with TRANSCENDENCE. To transcend is to rise above all feelings and sensations, to surpass all activations of perception and sensation. Only deep quietness remains.

Do not regret, because regret would not get anything back. Everything should move forward with the pace of time and space.

When ABSOLUTE TRANSCENDENCE is reached, we can surpass time and space, body and spirit, form and formlessness. Only continuous awakening and breath remain, because they are not separated from life.

How does absolute transcendence benefit us?

Does absolute transcendence mean rebirth?

Because there is a need to rebuild the Religion, the Nation, and the Country, His Dharmakaya will protect the mundane body until the right time.

Prophet Huynh Phu So, through his time living as an ordinary human being during his youth, had transcended totally, beyond time and space. He has of necessity been in hiding or present in a mundane body. However, his enlightened Dharmakaya is continuously and relentlessly at work, though unseen by our mundane bodies. If we sincerely devote ourselves to practicing and serving the Religion, the Nation, and peace in the world, our spirituality can integrate with His, and He will guide us to work and contribute to rebuild the Religion and the Nation.

What can be done for those who have been on the wrong path?

The renaissance of the Religion or the Nation should undergo the process of screening, erasing the ill, then building the new things. We cannot change from the old to the new without undergoing the process of abolishing the old things, then learning from mistakes and failures; we will have painful but useful experiences to create new things that are in line with the course of human evolution, changing from the time of slavery and colonialism, then from nationalism and communism. This reversal of fortune is the reshuffling of wrongdoings and the learning of new inventions from more developed and civilized countries. The crisis and devastation of Vietnam shows the obvious errors committed by the atheist and communist regime. Some people have been living in delusion, with the dream of a communist paradise. They wake up only after they are confronted with the naked reality.

The country of Vietnam cannot be rebuilt without going through a period of total downfall, the sacrifice of millions of human lives, the grievances and fatalities caused by the sufferings of the people themselves, their closed ones, and their compatriots.


Once the mask of the manipulators of public opinion, who often use deceitful means to achieve their individual ambition, has fallen, those Vietnamese who are honest and awakened themselves will start to prevail, to serve, and to realize what needs to be done for the country, the nation and the NATIONAL RELIGION: THE RELIGION OF BEING A TRUE MAN.

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