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What is love?

Why is love the strength for creativity?

What is creativity?

What is the force of life?

True love is equal love without possession. True love is unselfish and does not own anything. Such love always grows with time.

True love does not cause any trouble in life. True love develops spirituality and is the source of creativity.

What is creativity?

Creativity is all things that originate in the primordial transparency.

Creativity originates in spontaneity, without the basis of any principle or reason.

The heart that opens generously to love will result in more creativity; and the force of life will emerge to receive and integrate with the universal source of energy.

What is the source of energy?

The source of energy is life itself: human life, the homogeneity of all beings and the entire universe. Men inhale and exhale the universal energy in order to live. However, as men are suppressed by greed, hatred and delusion, their wisdom becomes impure and obscure; they fall into material obsession and forget their source.

Impurity of the mind and limited corporeality restrain the reception of the source of energy, which in turn will restrict the spontaneous and translucent creativity of God who eternally blesses all human beings.

God does not restrict the giving of this source of energy, this creativity, to human beings; but men limit their own capacity to receive.

Be constantly pure at every moment. Be brave enough to overcome all difficulties within yourself that are linked to selfishness and materialistic weakness, in order to integrate with the High-Above. As many individuals are purified to receive the source of energy, this will activate and replenish plentifully, and mankind will be wise enough to re-establish the equilibrium of the universe.

The negative spirits’ force strikes with the purpose of waking up a sleeping mankind for centuries.

Once mankind is awakened, this stirring-up will cease because it is useless. It is a need to remind mankind that they must be detached from their material obsession, selfishness, and hatred, which brings them to the point of killing one another and turning away from the mutual love of the people who share the same culture, skin color, and nation.

This is a call to mankind to remember who they are, their human nature, and not to turn into animals that ignore the beat of the human heart.

Come back to the primordial origin. Come back to the source of life. Come back to the purpose of a human life and live a fulfilled life to aspire to the pace of evolution, and avoid going back to thousands of previous existences.



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