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From now on, you have to overcome all boundaries of the senses in order to keep yourself in the state of EMPTINESS. If you want always to be in emptiness, you must subdue all mundane reasoning. To subdue all mundane reasoning, you must lock all mundane matters in your memory and not allow them influence your mind and thinking. Always keep your mind in the state of emptiness or the realization of emptiness. When the mind is in the state of emptiness, everything is simpler and less disturbed internally as well as externally. Once the karma effects of speech, act, and thoughts lessen, external problems will have less influence on our life and on our religious duties. Once the mind-obstacles and environment-obstacles are reduced, so the action-obstacles are also reduced, and the path will be wider and brighter to reveal the duties to be accomplished.

When you diligently realize emptiness, you will live in Nirvana. All sufferings and karmic effects will be immediately eliminated, until the human body dies. When the human body dies and you have not realized emptiness, your karma deeds still remain, and you have to come back to this world to redeem them. Having realized emptiness, you can discharge all; surpass all restraints and attachments in this world to go back to the Utmost Ego. All human sufferings will no longer affect you. You no longer have the same feelings as others. You will see everything around you with compassion, but you will not be influenced or distracted. This is the path to the Great Illumination of The Buddha. Without serenity and complacency, The Buddha will not be able to help us. The mind of those who want to do the work of life should be as steady as a rock. Whatever reason you have to be involved in life matters, you might not actually help anyone so long as you are still influenced by them and therefore cannot be lucid.

Am I able to step out?

We do not create the circumstances, but we must act as they occur, since they are planned by the High Above and we should not try to avoid them. Keep peace of mind and you will have wisdom and lucidity. Do what you think needs to be done without resistance. If you resist, your mind will be disturbed and peace of mind is troubled.

From now on, try to speak simply and do not talk high or low, in a veiled or twisted way. If you do not think in a twisted way, you will not say twisted words, so both the speaker and listener will be more at ease and the challenge will lessen. Mind, Body, and Thought are always at peace. This is the state of Emptiness.

Your feeling should be neither patient nor enduring. If you try to be patient, this means you have to endure and control yourself, so your mind is agitated. You have to consider everything not in terms of time and space, since time and space are the limits by human standards. The so-called non-birth non-extinction and non-similarity non-transformation do not have the limits of time and space. Therefore, patience does not exist. If endurance exists, human beings are still in the limits of time and space, with sooner or later, with old age and youth, with quick or slow, with birth and extinction.

You have to know where you live, in what period of time, so you can learn about the people’s lifestyle and way of thinking in order to help them. You should clearly understand this matter. You come here, then you will go. Whatever happens is just for the purpose of learning, not to restrain and control you in this place. Always be awake, so feelings will not invade you and willpower will not be swayed. Always keep your willpower strong, as sturdy as a mountain rock. The result will be that you can do anything.
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