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Your body is only an apparatus, a means to be used for the services of the High Above. It works just like that of any other human being, but it is more sensitive, thanks to many years of being exposed to challenges with courage and overcoming difficulties to end fear. Thanks to that experience, your human apparatus is more receptive to learning. It receives all the information and makes you understand. Your mind is no longer a mundane one that leads you to act on worldly matters. Do not feel irritated with that fact and consider yourself as imbalanced in everyday life, because if you act on worldly matters you will lose much of the power of life, the positive energy.

Use your energy on religious duties and to help others. In the future, you will have a lot to do. The more you look forward to serving the religious path, the more it will be brighter, more beautiful, and widened. All spikes, thorns, and frustrations to which your mundane human being is exposed are an opportunity to learn, train, and challenge yourself. You should be grateful to adversities, because without them you would not understand how far you have progressed and evaluate your patience and spiritual level.

- What is the meaning of “to live in harmony with nature, with the laws of Heaven and Earth”?

- What is the meaning of “to live in harmony with the laws of human life”?

- How can we answer these two questions?

- How can we live in harmony with nature? Do we have to live like the fauna and flora? Do human beings try to control nature? Once they have controlled nature, what would be the consequences? Why do some enlightened people go back and live with nature? Once having gone back to nature, what problems do they face in their actual life? Is not going back to nature against what people in the mainstream of the 20th century do?

People of the 20th century tend to walk on the path of destruction, as they are against nature. They should go back nature to bring peace on this earth for the salvation of all kinds of sentient beings.

How do we go back to nature? How should we think and live in order to be close to nature and have balance? How many people should swim against the stream in order to create equilibrium for the salvation of humanity?

Going back to nature is to work for God, for the Utmost Ego. I am no longer myself -- the insignificant individual -- but I belong to the infinite light source, with powerful magnetism to end the negative energy. Once the negative energy is gone, there will be the equilibrium of a blissful peace.

The Divine source of power is Oneness, without differentiation of human bodies, but only spirits that work together for the celestial mission to save all sentient beings. The spirits have to work together earnestly, as well as to learn earnestly, making no distinctions with respect to parents, siblings, and relatives, because these temporary bodies will one day decay and disappear. To live with nature means not to differentiate. The trees, plants, and flowers make no difference among themselves because of their beauty or non-beauty. Only human beings see the difference between beauty and non-beauty. Plants and trees do not oppose the universe; only human beings tend to oppose the universe.

We should keep peace of mind and clairvoyance in every act and speech. Do not waste our energy in mundane affairs. Do not say unworthy words and do unworthy acts. Do not be bothered by what you have disregarded or what has been done, heard, and spoken. All is sent to memory, and do not let it influence us and create delusion; therefore it will cause no wrong action. Be at peace and complacent; do not think about happy moments or about painful moments. The ones who treat us right and the ones who treat us wrong, all are similar. This is the true complacency.

The more you forget about your ego, the brighter you will be, because mundane affairs cease to bother you; and even if they still do, they no longer influence your mind and acts. When your mind and acts are free of influence, so is your life. Your surroundings and the people around you no longer control your life. You are now in control of your life and lead yourself on the spiritual path to serve the Utmost Ego. This is the path of deliverance for you, as well as for all sentient beings. This is the path for an enlightened one. When you see this path, you have to step into the awakening and perseverance, so that all the challenges will be irrelevant and you will overcome them more easily.

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