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You have to adapt to the circumstances and act on what arises. Do not create circumstances and conditions, because as it was previously said, the High Above has planned for what you have to do. Act on what arises without any thought or question. Do whatever is right and needs to be done. Leave behind unfounded fear and anxiety, since this would lead to the thought of an impasse.

Fear and anxiety indicate that you do not have enough self-confidence and still want to rely on the Master or other divinities. You want others to decide for you, show you the way, and take responsibility for what you do. You must be self-confident, make your own decisions, and end all unfounded fear and anxiety.

You must be in charge of your own journey. If you have not started dong something, do not be afraid that you will not be able to handle a task and overcome the difficulties. When you have not started speaking, do not think that you are unable to speak. When you have not started teaching, do not think that you are unable to teach. The bottom line is if you are afraid of failure before doing anything, how can you accomplish a great task? If you think that something is not worth doing, you should reject it without regret, because it is a delusion that prevents you from making a clear decision. Leave behind all vague thoughts about “what would happen if we do that or if we do not do this.”

All success comes from our willpower. If you really want to succeed, you will succeed. If you are afraid, confused, and thinking about failure, you will fail.

If you realize that in order to do lots of work you need to have good health, then willpower will help you to do anything to have good health so that you can work. If you think that your health is poor and you cannot work, you will not be able to work or have work to do; even when the opportunities are there, you will not be able to get them.

So, it’s up to you.

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