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Having been through the stages of spiritual practice to understand yourself clearly, about six senses, six sense-objects, and how to control them, you will step into the stage of equilibrium and harmony with nature, which allows you to do whatever you want. All comes from the willpower force to guide your tasks. All your work no longer serves your ego or your family, but the collective work serves the benefit of mankind. This work is not in your plan but depends on God’s will.

The only requirement in us is strong willpower to serve humanity and all sentient beings in order to build a great and happy community.

You will see what you should accomplish. It does not matter whether you wanted this or not, but you should be flexible toward what is coming your way. You do the task that comes, to develop your own abilities and skills. All knowledge is not already there and is not naturally developed; rather, it comes from a process of learning in your unconsciousness. Nothing is new. Nothing is outstanding. Always keep your mind awakened and calm[ you should not be happy or proud of your success, but always remind yourself: I only follow God’s plans. My accomplishments are not mine but God’s. I am only a transition tool to do the work. My physical body is dust and will be return to dust one day, as will my presence in this life as a being as well as a non-being. My existence is only needed for a limited period of time, and when the work is done, it will be dissolved and go back to material elements to do another work. My soul will be completely absorbed into the great source.

I am eternally non-existent. I only accomplish my tasks and go back, without creating any karmic effects on this earth. This is my willpower of deliverance. This call always resonates in me, and no challenge can deter me. I do not question what I said or did, as all is passing through time and space. All should go by and not stay with me, as all is false and temporary, just for the survival of my physical body where my soul resides, so that I can accomplish. Nothing is important, not suffering, happiness, confusion, hatred, sorrow, wrong or right. All is delusion. One day I will leave everything behind. So, what am I worried about: work, family’s happiness, money and fame? Be detached from them all, because all being is non-being.

Namo Shakyamuni Buddha

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