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When you hear this expression, “You should learn to live outside of your feelings,” you might think it is wrong. Actually, it is wrong when you are at the lower level of knowledge, but it is right when you are at the higher level of knowledge.

When you are at the lower level, you recognize that your feelings are caused by the six senses and the six sense-objects, and you should not suppress them, so that they can generate; and through the cycles, they will go back to the state of emptiness. This process helps you to avoid the karmic effects because of your ignorance.

This is the stage of KNOWING: knowing to accept, knowing to respond, and knowing to follow, so that you can go back to emptiness. This is the stage of repeating the order of the small cycle. To live in each stage of the small cycle is to be in each stage of a circle, so as to live in transformation. You have to cross into the stage of GREAT ABSORPTION, which means to live in the whole circle, so as to enter the Realization of the NON-SIMILARITY/NON-TRANSFORMATION. You have to live in the transformation of that non-similarity/non-transformation. 

When you enter the stage of Omnipotence and Omniscience, you will receive and know, but that knowing will lead you to Enlightenment, not to reaction. Once you react, and during that time, you go back to the cycle of emptiness and still commit wrongdoings.

Having entered a new era, mankind no longer lives in the response of the six senses and the six sense-objects, but with “pure logic.” “Pure logic” is different from the reasoning of what is right and wrong, based on personal or racial prejudices or the feelings of joy and grief. Those who live in the great absorption always have true love. They treat each other with such love. This would be the Superior Era of Divine Ethics, as it is in this message: “All Sentient Beings Will Be Blessed By Buddha To Realize The Buddhist Way.”

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