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Faith is the belief, the worship, the admiration, and the conviction that something is right.

Loyalty is immovable devotion to something we believe in. We determinedly keep our faith, which no one and nothing can change.

Faith should always pair with loyalty to avert all changes and transformations.

Faith without loyalty will easily turn into subversion when a person has to deal with a situation, or with someone who is wicked and uses tricks to strike at our faith. At that moment, our original faith may shift to a new faith that is more accommodating to our current needs.

We must differentiate between faith and superstition. For example, faith in the founder of a religion should be based on his religious teachings and direction.

We should examine who is served by religious teachings. Do the religious teachings serve everyone or just one religion, one party, or one individual?

Does the religion's founder sacrifice his own life to serve the religion and all sentient beings?

How is his behavior and attitude? How does he handle himself when dealing with others from all walks of life in society?

We can only avoid making mistakes by maintaining peace of mind and clairvoyance, while constantly asking ourselves questions and trying to answer them with all sincerity.

What do one life and one religion until the end mean?

Once you have chosen a right path, you should believe in it and be loyal to it, so that you will not change your mind on this journey in order to reach deliverance.


What would it be like if men did not have faith, or they constantly changed their mind about faith?

Without faith, it is as though we are walking deep into the woods without any direction. If we constantly change our mind and shift our faith, we may choose one path for some time, then another; therefore we will never reach the end of the path.

So, if we want to reach the end of the path, or deliverance, we should have faith and loyalty to keep our faith until the end of our life.

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