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Knowing itself is not enough, but should always be accompanied by Willpower. Many people know what is right but still do wrong and walk on a wrong path, because they do not have the willpower to control many temptations. Therefore they can easily be defeated.

Those who know are like they hold a roadmap in their hands. They know which road is long, which one is short, which one is challenging and dangerous. However, willpower makes the decision for them to step firmly in the path leading to the light, in spite of many challenges and obstacles.

We only progress a segment of the way when we have knowledge. With that knowledge we have not yet reached the end; rather, we are just at the starting point toward the Great Enlightenment. When we have knowledge, we have just overcome the stage of development of the six awarenesses. Those who know about their six awarenesses are not invulnerable to the temptation of the sense organs. At this moment, if we do not have a strong willpower to decide whether to follow the Way to the Great Enlightenment, our knowledge can be compromised and affect us as well as others, especially if we have personal ambition and interests. The worst danger is trying to lure others to follow in order to serve and praise us by means of psychological methods, giving them spiritual necessities that they have longed for.

Those with knowledge have two paths to choose: the Righteous Way and the False Way. By choosing the Righteous Way, they will embark on a new journey with many challenges. Once they have embarked on this journey, they should have a strong willpower to serve others, with no desire for wealth and fame.

Those who embark on the False Way will use their knowledge wickedly as a means to manipulate others, to entice them to follow and to praise. They will also use the teachings of Buddha or God to complement their reasoning.

The bottom line is that embarking on the Righteous Way is being on the path to serve others without personal ambition, while taking the False Way is using all means to lure and manipulate others toward the end of serving the ego.

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