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How could someone live in the state of emptiness, act in “pure logic”, and be in harmony with ordinary people?

When you live in the state of emptiness, you are no longer under any influence. Being influenced may be a reason for disturbance. For instance, if we live harmoniously with nature, we will not be influenced by the cold or hot weather, which may cause our joy or grief, pleasure or discomfort. When it is cold, we wear warm clothes; when it is hot, we wear light clothes. It is the same for human beings. We live and see things happen, the personality and actions of people around us, their joy or grief, kindness or indifference, love or hate.

Those in the state of emptiness are pure and gentle, unaffected by others’ feelings and influence. Without their influence, there is no disturbance. There is no joy caused by their joy, no grief due to their hatred, no happiness brought by their sweetness. We need to learn the truth in such states.

Take the example of your job that has been affected by the coming of a new boss. When business is slow, the boss complains and worries and his family is discontent. Now, when business is picking up, the boss and his wife are happy and they are nice to the employees. This is life. It is like that everywhere. It is the same for you, unless you have realized emptiness.

You should see these things to adjust yourself. Whatever happens to you is a challenge to help you see more clearly about people and their nature. To know and to adjust will help you to advance. Without knowing (or recognizing your true nature), you will not be able to adjust yourself.

You should constantly adjust and improve yourself. Release all joy, grief, hatred, or envy of the past. Once you realize your own mistakes, you will forgive others’ mistakes. Everything has its own reason; sometimes others’ mistakes might be the cause of our own mistakes. All joy, grief, hatred, and envy are in those who do not know their true self.

You should always be wakeful. You are awakened.

You are the one who knows his true origin.

Your true origin is the light – the illuminated realization – or the truth, goodness, and beauty. This is the Truth -- the absolute Freedom -- and non-similarity/non-transformation.

Christmas Day

December 24, 1987

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