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Our mind is at peace when eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind-base are not agitated by contact with the outside world. This is what a complacent body and soul means. The eyes look at all things and situations in the same way. The ears hear all voices and sounds in the same way. Eating and drinking, touch, smell, and taste do not cause a reaction.

Once this level is reached, we have attained the level of supremacy in order to have eternal bliss.

Those who have reached such a level are very hard to recognize, since they live permanently in their essence. They live as normally as others, since they are no longer in the practice period. Those who are in the practice period may reflect to the outside world the level they have reached inside. Those who have reached the level of supremacy live calmly in their essence and remain unaffected by actions they take. They are always as steady as the mountain rock in the face disturbed or non-disturbed circumstances without the need of control or self-restraint. At this time, their seed is to get stronger, bringing the light to their way, and they begin to be able to see others.

At this level, they do not look at others subjectively with prejudice, but they look at each person with their understanding about this person and of his or her situation and conditions, with all the causes that bring him or her to the present state. This is the look of a true master toward other human beings, one who always shows his tolerance to others. This is the meaning of “to know ourselves and to know others”.

Once we understand these facts, we are no longer disturbed or disappointed when we want to help someone to see what he or she cannot see and understand. He or she cannot understand because his or her level of practice in the Way is limited. We should always act according to our true self, and overcome all obstacles to continue our path. With a mind at peace, everything will follow with harmony in accordance with our equilibrium. With time, people can see that we always get to the result sooner or later.

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