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The moment we suddenly realize our darkness, mistakes, and ignorance is a good sign in the practice of the Way. This is a warning, a wake-up call for our advancement. The learning journey to knowledge is everlasting. We cannot learn everything in one life, but through many existences. The wake-up call helps us help us to raise the dark curtain of this present life to continue our journey.

Each existence gives us an environment and time to learn about different problems and aspects. In order to solve the problems of each existence, there are different methods based on each moment in time. We cannot use the methods of this century to solve the problems of another century, so men should always be alert to learn.

The papers about knowledge in the past only provide us with the materials to incorporate them in accordance with the present in order to create or invent for future generations. All conservative restrictions, mentally or materially, only lead to failure and impasse. We only sit in one place, holding on to the past without making any contribution --- not to ourselves or others around us, nor on a larger scale to all sentient beings.

Knowing the past and holding on to it would make us die because of our arrogance and vanity. We give our knowledge too high a place in the learning process. Knowing the past, seeing our pettiness and ignorance, makes us suffer, but we will continue our process of learning and advancement. When we learn the new things we are actually living, since we are on the roadmap of transformation and evolution in accordance with the rhythm of the universe. Our mind, while working during the learning process, will emit vibrations, increase the level of energy, and attract the universal energy. When our energy increases, we will be able to integrate with the universal current of energy at higher levels. We will have a chance to learn and exchange with others’ ideas and thoughts. These streams of thoughts will be the common trend for humanity in the new millennium. Without the exchange with others’ streams of thought, our knowledge and thoughts will be rejected since they are no longer adaptable to the common trend for humanity. If we stay out of the common trend of humanity, we eventually fail, in spite of all efforts and struggle.

Men and men, nations and nations are closely related to each other and subject to mutual influences. The sufferings of wars, illnesses, and natural disasters have awakened the human spirituality. The awakened and realized spiritualities will evolve into a powerful vibration. The current of multi-spiritual thoughts will swivel the entire universe and crush down the source of energy of the atheist machine. Therefore, the atheist regimes will have to change themselves following the course of lower yin and higher yang, and they will gradually fade out in one way or another.

So, leaders of the atheist nations who know how to bring changes will survive and renew the balance to suit the people’s will. Those who resist the changes will be eliminated by the laws of extermination. This law is unchangeable, and does not spare anyone, any case big or small, any individual or organization, any community or regime. A conservative individual, organization, or community that does not keep up with the pace of change and renewal of mankind and the universe will be stuck in one place and eventually fall into this law of extermination.

Love between people, between parents and children, of a citizen for the nation will inspire us and help us see the real benefits.

Only love can help to heal old hatreds, suffering, and anger. Only true love can help to realize the immense sufferings of the Vietnamese people. It also helps us to see the Vietnamese children who are deprived of everything: food, clothes, nutrition, and education. There are sick and hungry ones who wander the streets and live on sidewalks around the country! Only the light of a compassionate love will show us what we need to do for this beloved nation!

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